9 Knowledge 9 iRest Supearl (A336) vs Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro – comparison of massage chairs 

iRest Supearl (A336) vs Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro – comparison of massage chairs 


It’s time we did another comparison of massage chairs from two brands in our rangeiRest and Massaggio. There are several differences between the Supearl (A336) and the Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro and despite being minor, these differences can influence the choice of a particular model. To make your decision easier, we have compared the two chairs in detail.


The iRest Supearl (A336) is a late 2022 model that comes equipped with innovative features to ensure an exceptional massage experience. 

  • More massage options using the massaging arms – the iRest Supearl (A336) offers 12 automatic programmes and 6 manual techniques for massage. In the Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro, the choice is more limited with 6 automatic programmes and 5 massage techniques. 
  • Adjustment – the speed of the massaging arms can be adjusted in iRest Supearl (A336) in 5 levels, in Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro there are only 3 speeds to choose from.
  • Stretching – the stretching programme in the iRest Supearl model (A336) stretches the back and leg muscles. In the Massaggio model, stretching focuses on the lower body. 
  • Zero Wall – thanks to this function, the chair automatically moves away from the wall when reclining, saving additional space. When it comes to Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro, where Zero Wall is not available, it is necessary to leave more free space for free reclining. 
  • Controls – all the features of the iRest Supearl (A336) massage chair can be controlled via a convenient control panel and by voice control when accessing the most important functions. With the Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro, we control the chair with an intuitive control panel. 
  • Bluetooth speakers – the model features speakers with the 3D digital audio system, which allows you to connect your own device and listen to music. In Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro, such an option is not available. 
  • Wireless and USB charging – by equipping the right armrest with an inductive charger, the chair allows you to charge a phone that has this functionality. The USB port, on the other hand, makes it possible to charge devices using a cable. 


The Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro massage chair represents a perfect combination of beautiful design and essential massage functions. It’s also excellent value for money in terms of the chair’s capabilities. And it’s the price that is the biggest advantage of Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro here. On top of that, we have one distinguishing feature of this model that is more extensive than in the Supearl – Magnetotherapy. The magnetic field in Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro takes care of cellular regeneration and overall conditioning of the hands and legs. In iRest Supearl (A336), its effects apply only to the hand area. 

We hope this article will prove helpful when comparing massage chairs and deciding on the perfect model. A detailed description of all the individual functions can be found on the respective product pages of iRest Supearl (A336) and Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro. And if you have any further questions after reading, or need assistance in choosing the ideal model, feel free to contact us

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Published: 2022.12.29

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