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The Massaggio brand is all about modern style, innovative massage functions and high quality craftsmanship. If we complement this with an attractive price, we get the answer to the question why Massaggio chairs enjoy such popularity. Find out more about the Massaggio brand in the article below.


The Massaggio brand is all about modern style, advanced massage functions and high quality craftsmanship. If we complement this with an attractive price, we get the answer to the question why Massaggio chairs enjoy such popularity. Find out more about the Massaggio brand in the article below.


Massaggio is our own, original brand of massage chairs. Back in 2010, we registered the trademark and started working on the brand. Following extensive discussions with our customers and based on our experience we identified the most desirable features and functions of the chairs and, using this as a basis, we commissioned their production. We chose a specialised manufacturer, located in the centre of the world’s massage chair production in China, who we continue to work with to this day, creating a complete line of massage chairs. After years of successful cooperation with this manufacturer, having developed our own production standards and quality control method, we can’t imagine producing our massage chairs anywhere else.

The first massage chair model we introduced was coin-operated, the Massaggio Occupato. This model came with fairly sturdy armrests, which housed the coin-taking mechanism. Currently, the Occupato is no longer on offer, and other models have also undergone significant changes over the years. Not so long ago, certain models had jade heaters that could be held in hand or air pads that massaged the arms, which today would be associated with blood pressure monitors :-). Today, however, those chairs are characterized by advanced functions and modern design.


When developing the Massaggio massage chair brand, we looked at a number of important factors that have become our signature features:

  • Modern functionalities – each of our massage chairs offers advanced massage functions.
  • High quality craftsmanship – we control the production process to ensure that our models are built using reliable components and are characterised by high durability.
  • Complete line – the Massaggio line includes both basic non-reclining massage chairs as well as advanced massage chairs with a range of modern technologies.
  • Competitive price – by selling the chairs ourselves, without a network of intermediaries, we reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining the high quality and functionality of the massage chairs.
  • Beautiful design – we pay great attention to outstanding design. Our models stand out on the market thanks to their original lines, which makes them a unique and modern element of the interior design of any flat or house.
  • Perfected colour versions – the choice of colours of massage chairs has always been a crucial part of bringing new models to the market. The Massaggio brand includes mostly classic combinations of shades that match any interior, but also unusual combinations that will always attract attention.


Each successive chair in our product range comes equipped with additional features that distinguish it from the model that preceded it. Each new functionality enhances the massage effect and increases its comfort. That is why, in order to help you with your choice, we have compared Massaggio chairs in detail, feature by feature. Read on below as Paweł discusses each model, introduces the technologies and features, and shows how the individual models differ from each other.

The smaller, compact massage chairs are discussed first. Massage chairs that are compact in size are the perfect solution for people who have a limited space at their disposal but are thinking of having a professional massage available at all times. Even smaller chairs are able to incorporate high-end technologies that allow compact models to surprise us with their potential. They offer high-quality massage that relaxes, unwinds and effectively deals with any aches and pains.

However, at the heart of the Massaggio brand’s massage chair range consists of more advanced new-generation models. All of them scan the spine and are adjustable. They stand out with a variety of functions, including 3D massage, foot rollers, and air cushions that help relax the shoulders and forearms. Stravagante 2 model deserves mention, positioned between mid-class and high-end chairs – it is the most technologically advanced model of the Massaggio brand. 

Paweł provides more details below.


Although our range is continually expanded with more innovative models from brands like iRest, Bodyfriend, and Fujiiryoki, it is the Massaggio chairs that remain consistently popular.

Massaggio has been featured in our range from the very beginning – for 15 years. It enjoys great popularity, as confirmed by hundreds of user reviews. Customers appreciate the excellent ratio of the quality of both the chairs’ craftsmanship and the massage itself, to the price.

It is essential, however, to match the massage chair to your individual needs. So, when speaking to customers on the phone when comparing models, we also get questions that are not directly related to functionalities, but which can influence the decision to go for a particular model. For example, which chair offers a more intense massage? Which model fits in a smaller room? Or even, which chair will I be more comfortable in? Sometimes we also get questions like “Which chair do others choose most often?” or “Which model would you choose for yourself?”. And if it helps you pick the right massage chair, then of course we answer such questions, but we always remind you to keep your own needs in mind when making a purchase and decide on the model that is perfect for you.

We are constantly improving our product range, introducing new models and updating massage chair features with new solutions. To learn more about the entire line of Massaggio massage chairs and choose the perfect model for you, check out our offer. And if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Transcript – vlog #7

Paweł, what specific differences between the models can you mention?

Let me show you the differences, starting with the smaller compact models. Here you see three massage chairs – Piccolo, Ricco and Bello 2 by Massaggio. I’ll use them to show you the differences in individual features and functions. Come closer and look here, the Massaggio Piccolo has two massage pads that focus on thigh massage, but most importantly it has a massager that works from the neck, through the whole line of the spine to the buttocks. It has an L-shape function, which means that the massage is carried out over a longer period of time. It has three automatic programs, three massage techniques, so it is a very basic, small, compact, neat chair.

Moving on, we have Massaggio Ricco. Here the main difference is really in the calf massager. It is retractable, so turning it, we have a massager that massages the calves, and the airbags provide muscle contraction. Of course, they also provide support for our calf, giving us comfort. It is impossible not to mention perhaps a smaller function, seemingly less important, but we have a cup holder, for a glass of something tasty… let’s say warm milk ;-) There is also a USB port to charge your phone or other device. The most important functions, however, include a double back massager. It is an upper body massager, which is additionally heated, and it works from the neck to the chest section. And the second massager, which focuses on the lower parts of the spine and buttocks, that is also the L-shape function. Heating, dual massager and calf massager are the main differences between Piccolo and Ricco.

Moving on, we have the Massaggio Bello 2, which is a bit more advanced. How? Well, it has the recline option. These chairs don’t recline. The Massaggio Bello reclines to the Zero Gravity position, so the more comfortable position that gives more intensity but also pleasure. There’s also a retractable, rotating calf massager, just like in Ricco. In this model, we go back to the massager, it’s a single one, but still working from the neck, through the whole spine, up to the buttocks, i.e. it has the L-shape function. You can also see here airbags massaging your thighs. So, the main difference is the reclining option.

All chairs have Bluetooth, so you can connect your device to the chair and play your relaxing music through the chair’s speakers. These are the main, key differences between these compact massage chairs.

Transcript – vlog #11

Paweł, you’ve talked about the differences between the more compact models under the Massaggio brand, but there are probably even more when it comes to the advanced ones.

es, we have four more advanced massage chairs under the Massaggio brand and of course they come with newer features and more of them, so in a minute I’ll also show you the differences between them. What these chairs have in common is that they all already have a foot massager. This means that the feet are already being massaged in them, and additional massage functions may also be available – e.g. shoulders and forearms. What’s important is that all of them are equipped with the massaging arms, all of them scan the spine line and all of them recline. These are the features they share, but to show all the differences, let’s start with Massaggio Conveniente. Let’s start with this model. The way it works makes it a marker, a zero level, to which we’ll compare the other models. This chair massages mainly with massaging arms from the neck, along the entire spine line down to the lumbar region. Here, this massager works in such a basic way. There are airbags that massage the shoulders, forearms, calves and feet, where the massager ensures regular muscle contraction. There’s also vibrating massage inside the seat and there’s an interesting automatic program, one of five, that includes stretching and it allows us to stretch our back and the muscles of our thighs.

Now let’s move on to a chair that is technologically way more advanced. This is Massaggio Eccellente. There are actually four main differences compared to Conveniente. And it’s primarily the massage range, that is, the L-shape technology, which allows to extend the linear massage guide and it runs from the neck, along the entire line of the spine to the buttocks. Conveniente massages only to the lumbar region. This one, on the other hand, has an extended linear guide and it’s the L-shape technology – the first difference in this chair. The second one is the way of reclining. This one reclines to the Zero Gravity position – a comfortable position to relieve the muscles around the spine. Conveniente reclines to a straight lying position. And there goes the second difference. The third thing is the heating. In this chair, we have a mat that warms the back. It’s an Infrared mat which raises the temperature to 40 °C. It makes the massage more pleasant and relaxes the muscles. The fourth difference is more of an ergonomic nature. This difference is called Zero Wall. It allows us to move the chair fully to the wall, because when reclining, it’ll move away from the wall, which will save us a little bit of space compared to its predecessor, which needs about 45-50 cm of free space behind it.

Foot massage stays the same?

Very similar. There are airbags that press the foot, here, to the acupressure pad, and in Conveniente to another airbag that massages the foot from below. That’s one difference between these chairs. The second is that we have stretching in that model, but not in this one, unfortunately. Identically, in this model we have airbags massaging the shoulders, but not in this one. However, these four functions make Eccellente a technologically superior model that offers more potential. Moving on, we have the Massaggio Esclusivo model. And here – let’s look at the differences between these two models. There are three. First of all, we have the massage range and this L-shape with an even greater range, that is, the massage is carried out from the neck, along the entire line of the spine to practically the thighs. Conveniente provides massage more or less to the lumbar area, Eccellente to the upper parts of the buttocks, and Esclusivo can actually massage you under the thighs. And this is the first difference. The second thing is the foot roller massage, meaning an additional foot massage, apart from those airbags that press the foot to the base, here we have the massage rollers that rub the foot from the sole in a very pleasant, comfortable way. And these are two functions that improve the quality of massage and comfort in this armchair considerably. The third difference is the airbags that return in the Esclusivo and massage our shoulders. These are the main three differences between these two seats.

The biggest one probably differs even more, it’s easy to see it’s more complex.

Yes, definitely, above all, more sophisticated, so it is capable of massaging taller people, that is, practically up to 1.95. In terms of size, it’s more or less noticeable, that it’s the largest among our chairs and it’s also sophisticated in the sense that it has many more functionalities. This model contains the most of these capabilities out of all Massaggio massage chairs. The first difference between these two models is the massage performed by the massaging arms, namely the 3D massage. Here we have a massage that covers bigger area, fits better the line of the spine, provides better contact between the massaging arms and the muscles at the spine. That’s the first thing. The second is a more elaborate foot massager. Here we have a closed foot massager, which additionally massages the toes at the front and has a calf massager. So here we have this more advanced element. Moving on, to the third difference, it has more airbags, which are located in the thighs and in the seat, in the backrest, in the arms and forearms. Therefore there are significantly more airbags, so the comfort of the massage performed by them is of much better quality. The fourth important difference is the stretching of the body. In this model, the automatic stretching program makes a comeback. On the other hand, there are three minor functions, less important, but also in place. Here we have an air ionizer, which means that negative oxygen ions are coming out of these outlets – it has a relaxing effect. There is also magnetotherapy in the leg circuit and additionally the chair can be connected to the phone, thanks to which we can also control the chair and enjoy our favourite relaxing music.

Another difference between the two armchairs is, apart from all the advantages I’ve mentioned, one more thing Esclusivo has, and in Stravagante, unfortunately, we don’t see it anymore, namely the L-shape, which works practically under the thighs. Here the linear guide is the longest due to the L-shape. Here the massage ends near the upper parts of the buttocks. These are the main differences. Those are more or less the functions of the massage chairs and the differences between them. Naturally, you will find it all on our website. In the comparison engine you can list all the functions and compare the chairs, but the blog also contains articles that compare one chair to another and accurately contrast all their functions. I also invite you to our website, full of useful information.

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Published: 2024.01.18

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