Massage chair and pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very specific, special time in a woman’s life. Not only new responsibilities, but also expectations and hopes show up. The appearance of a toddler turns the world upside down. A woman becomes a mother and her body faces a huge challenge. And this is why more and more of our clients who expect a baby, ask about massage in massage chairs during pregnancy and after childbirth. In this article we will try to answer the question whether you can massage yourself while pregnant and how a massage chair will work at home once your child is born. 

Use of a massage chair during pregnancy

We’re not Einsteins here – pregnancy has a huge impact on woman’s body. The growing belly puts a significant strain on the spine, causing the chest and lumbar sections to bend forward. Lifting up even to several kilos, but still additional ones, is the cause of pain, which may make it impossible, to work later in pregnancy. The women who are looking for a way to relieve the pain are sent to massage therapists and physiotherapists. This is where the questions about the massage chair arise. The manufacturers of massage chairs often mention pregnancy as a contraindication to a massage, as mentioned in one of our previous articles. As with many other things, this is due to the special care taken during pregnancy. Usually, however, if the pregnancy goes well, is not at risk and the future mother feels good, there are no contradictions to apply a massage. When asked about the massage in an armchair, gynaecologists did not want to speak explicitly about the advantages or disadvantages of such massage. Each woman is unique and can tolerate various conditions differently, in which the massage in the armchair should be approached with special care. A pregnant woman who would like to use a massage chair should see her doctor, who oversees the course of her pregnancy from the very beginning and who individually and carefully, will take the matter into consideration.

Massage chair after childbirth

The little one is already in the world! A young mother, after the first sleepless nights, would certainly like to regain her strength quickly and start thinking about returning to her previous shape. She also needs some time of rest and silence. Taking care of your baby takes up most of the time, and a young mother does not think about visiting massage salons. In this case a massage chair will be extremely helpful allowing young mother to quickly return to strength and relax in the comfort of her own home.

Massage in the puerperium will speed up the regeneration of the body after such a heavy load which was childbirth. One of the advantages of the massage is the improvement of blood and lymph circulation in the body, which affects the better oxygenation of muscles, and this in turn accelerates the regeneration of strength. Massage in the massage chair removes tension, relaxes muscles and brings pleasant relief. It is also effective in the fight against stretch marks and cellulite, which most pregnant women face after pregnancy. However, it is not an instantly working wonderful pill, but it will certainly help woman restore her skin to its former condition by making it firmer and more flexible.

A young mother, apart from taking care of her body, should also improve her emotional condition. Pregnancy, childbirth and the first weeks with a baby require a great deal of strength. A pleasant massage relaxes and lets young mother calm down. When deciding on the type and technique of the massage after childbirth, it is vital to remember that it should depend on the time that has elapsed since childbirth and the needs of a young mother.

But let’s also remember about your newly baked dad, who also helps you take care of your child. He puts the child to sleep or is busy with moving around the baby in a stroller. At some point, the spine may show signs of exhaustion. Dad would also like to use a massage chair and relax the tightened back from holding the baby.

If a baby recently blessed your home, just take a look at our offer and choose your massage chair. Or maybe you are expecting a new family member? Therefore, please consult the purchase with your GP. And if any questions arised while reading this article, please contact us

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Published: 2018.05.24

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