Zero Gravity in massage chair

Zero Gravity in massage chairs

Another article referring to terminology applied in massage armchairs. Now it’s time to talk about innovative Zero-Gravity function. What is it and how does it work?

What is Zero Gravity in massage armchairs?

Zero Gravity function isn’t collocated with technique or place of performing a massage – it’s proper body arrangement in massage armchair, giving You the feeling of relaxation and providing more intense experiences from performed massage. In this function angle between torso and thighs osciliates around 126 degrees and knees are at heart level, what provides evenly distributed tensions on the whole body.

History of Zero Gravity

It is also called antigravitational position, which was developed during NASA research programs. People from NASA were looking for perfect position for astronauts, who had to handle huge gravity loads during taking the ship into orbit. Zero Gravity became game-changing discovery, still used in astronautics and many fields of biological regeneration.

Advantages of Zero Gravity in massage armcharis

TIt’s mainly comfortable position of massage armchair, in which You can feel like in weightlessness – blissfully and freely. This feeling is effect of:

  • decreasing muscles’ tension
  • unweighting spine
  • lowering blood pressure
  • increasing lungs capacity
  • better muscle oxygenation

Thanks to placing body in Zero Gravity position instead of straight or sitting position heart doesn’t have to pump blood in defiance of gravity and is freely distributing her all over the body.

You can experience this feeling by testing proper massage armchair. It can be done before purchase by taking advantage of Massaggio Stravagante, Esclusivo or Eccelente massage armchair presentation.