Massage chairs from China

Chińskie fotele masujące

Although massage chairs are still produced in several other countries, such as Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan or Spain, China remains the place where most of them are produced. This is where the largest factories operate, new models are created, and innovative functionalities are implemented. Despite this, it happens that “Chinese production” is still associated with poorer quality, and nowadays a lot has changed in this respect. In the following article we explain what is going on with the production of Chinese massage chairs and why this production has so many merits. 

The massage chairs come from Asia

The idea of massaging the body in a massage chair is rooted in Asia. It is from there that the first notes about the massage were found and it is there that the first massage chair was produced, which quickly gained supporters looking for relaxation and relief. With time, a huge market for massage chairs developed in China and new models and technologies began to emerge. Nowadays, massage chairs are literally at your fingertips, you can buy them, for example, in supermarkets with household appliances/RTV, and the vast majority of residents have them at home and enjoy massages every day. Such great popularity of massage chairs, or rather Asian people’s high-level awareness of massage and its influence on mood and health determines the constant strive to introduce new functionalities, innovations, techniques and methods of massage.

Technology in chinese massage chairs

Where do you think most Zero Gravity massage chairs are made? Where was L-shape technology invented? It is in China that the most innovative features available on the market have been used for the first time. The use of these technologies is hard to find in other productions. The Chinese were also the first to introduce heating and sensational foot massage rollers into their models. Thanks to such advanced work on innovations in China and their final application in successive models of armchairs, we Europeans can enjoy a much more precise and, above all, more pleasant and relaxing massage. Massage chairs manufactured in China can therefore successfully compete with, and often even win over, chairs manufactured in other countries.

Price attractiveness of chinese massage chairs

A dozen or so years ago, China stood out in the international arena primarily because of its cheap labour force, which conditioned the lowest price, but also the poorer quality, especially when cheap raw materials and components were used. At present, much has changed in this respect. China is the second largest economic power in the world to offer technologically advanced production. With a huge and modern industrial infrastructure and growing ambitions, and with proper control of the production process, Chinese factories can offer the highest quality and still affordable product. 

As we mentioned in one of the articles about massage chairs production sitesMassaggio brand has been using the Chinese factory for 9 years and we cannot imagine moving production to another location. So, if you want to see for yourself the excellent quality of massage chairs (including those manufactured in China) and their massage, take a look at our offercontact us, test it…. We welcome you.