L-shape in massage chairs

L shape at massage chairs

New, unknown terminology in descriptions of massage armchairs surprises very often. Mysterious and interesting name, but what is it exactly? Most of terms are already explained in our Glossary, but it’s worth to read more about it, especially about those weird functionalities.

How does L-shape works?

Firstly, we will tell about functionality of massage armchairs called L-shape. Its name comes from L-shaped runners that are placed in backrest and seat. Along those runners are moving massaging arms, which are the mechanism imitating hands of a masseur. Thanks to L-shaped runners mechanism is able to perform massage with massaging arms up to buttocks and thighs. Massage armchairs without L-shape massage with massaging arms in a straight line in backrest, only to lumbar section.

What are the pluses of massage chairs with l-shape?

This functionality allows to take care about thighs, especially buttocks, which are underestimated muscle and we have to remember that buttocks’ muscle enabled us to straighten up and stand on our feet. Secondly those areas are quite intimate and masseurs aren’t massaged by masseur often.

Buttocks’ massage in massage armchair improves their height, blood supply, influences on their curve and firmness. This massage also prevents from stretchmarks and has anti cellulite action.

Massage of those areas, which have never had contact with buttocks massage, may surprise a little bit at first, but he is very pleasant and convinces to itself after a while.

In Rest Lords L-shape function can be found in Massaggio Stravagante, Esclusivo and Eccelente massage armchairs.