How to make special Christmas gift and become a Super Santa Claus?


Break the stereotypes and make something extraordinary for Christmas! It’s your last chance to think about Christmas gifts. Right here, right now. For your relatives… … and maybe on the occasion for yourself too? ;-)

End of the year, summaries…surely someone from your closest relatives deserved for something special, something, what will bring relief for his tired joints and muscles. Something what will help him to regenerate energy and feel like a new man ;). Is it your husband, wife, dad, mum, grandpa or grandma? Or maybe… don’t be so modest – You deserved it too. Each one of us deserves for something atypical, luxurious and exclusive. We work very hard for it.

Give to your relatives and also for yourself exclusive gift for Christmas, which will also take care of your health – true massage armchair.

Do You know that feeling when You can sit in your own armchair and relax? We know! Through the years of our activity we’ve been taking advantage of massage in hundreds of massage armchairs from all over the world, know everything about them and selected the best ones. 10 unique massage armchairs, each one with different set of functions. 3 of them are completely new models, which has just been released, in October this year.

Don’t wait, because Christmas are already here and no one likes to wait at short notice… especially when it turns out that other people were faster and bought, what You had your eyes on. This is really annoying!

Okay… but will the armchair, that You wanted to buy, be appropriate?

Just call us and our expert will answer to all your questions. You can also come to our salon in Olsztyn and find out personally or we can come to You with presentation.

But isn’t it too late?

You can have the armchair within the next day when we send it by courier or choose Carefree Delivery and we will deliver it to You personally within 3-4 days.

But can I afford a gift like this?

We don’t know it, but we offer massage armchair in different price brackets, from the most exclusive ones in the world to fully functional, economical solutions. Also You can pay for it together with another family members – they also will no longer have problems with buying Christmas gifts this year. We also have different forms of financing the purchase – look at the page Financing.

Finally, the icing in the cake!

What You see, on the title picture isn’t photomontage. This is how parcel looks when you order massage armchair as a gift.

Opakowanie prezentowe foteli masujących Rest Lords

Such present will surely impress the whole family! :-)

Familiarize with the offer… and let’s go!


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