Does massage in massage armchairs have contraindication?

Massage chairs contraindications

“I know some advantages of massage armchairs and maybe it would be good to buy massage armchair, but can I use it? Is it completely safe?” Those are common questions, which people ask very often, but I provide that after reading this article many things will be clear.

Firstly, massage armchairs are very safe and almost everybody can use it. Before granting admission to use to those armchairs they are comprehensively tested and given special certification after passing those tests. The most important certificate that is required by The European Union is called CE, which every massage armchair obligatory have – what does it mean? It means that he fulfils requirements of every European Union directives – is granted admission to use and is completely safe!

Massage armchairs are safe,but not everyone and not always can take advantage of massage in this device. The most common contraindications to massage in massage armchairs are:

  • Very high fever
  • Broken bones
  • Wounds in places, where massage is performed
  • Varices
  • Pregnancy or menstruation
  • Fresh postoperative wounds
  • Implanted pacemakers, bypasses or another electric devices
  • Spine injury
  • Tumour

As You can see, some contraindications limit taking advantage of massage for shorter or longer periods of time and sometimes permanently. In case of varices only leg massage is forbidden.

If your doubts are already gone and know that massage armchair is destined for You, come and see our offer. If You’re still not sure and have doubts, remember that it’s always good to consult them with your doctor.