3 popular ways to use massage chair

3 popular ways to use massage armchair

How do we use armchair? Where is he placed? Every user has different answer for those questions, but we’ve collected those requests and created ranking with 3 most popular places of use of massage armchairs.

Massage chair at home

…relaxation for You and your relatives.

It’s no surprise that most of our armchairs are used at homes, where they care about good frame of mind of people, who live there and their visitors. Depending on needs armchairs are placed on living rooms, bedrooms, gyms, playrooms, garages – almost everywhere.

More about target places of placing massage armchairs at home are in previous post “3 popular spots of placing massage armchair at home”.

Massage chair in waiting room

…relaxation for You and your Clients.
We deliver very often massage armchairs to all kinds of waiting rooms, where Clients waiting for service can relax:

  • in car showroom – to calm Customers down before telling them how much repair will cost and to the ones waiting for service
  • in hair salon and beauty parlour – for Customers with dye on their hair and for the ones, who wait for treatment
  • in hotel lobby – to improve Client’s satisfaction and to relax during breaks between business meetings
  • in dentist office – to relax and calm scared Client down and to compensate delay

… and many other places, but always accomplishing the same task. Most popular in waiting rooms are massage armchair Massaggio Bello or commercial armchair Massaggio Occupato, which works on coins.

Massage chair in company relax room

…relaxation for your Employees.

Employers increasingly are taking care of their employees by creating relax rooms. Before work or during break, employees can relax in rooms with massage armchairs and other relaxing devices. Why? To make them work more effective, to get rid of stress, then get back to work completely relaxed and motivated.

Short regeneration or even nap during break at work can make a difference. Read more about it in post “Refreshing nap on massage armchair”.

Already got any ideas how to use your massage armchair?
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