3 popular ways to use massage chair

3 Ways of use massage chair rest lords

Massage chair at home | Massage chair in the waiting room | Massage chair in the company chill-out zone

Ever since they first appeared on the market, massage chairs have been successfully used in many different settings to provide relaxation and respite. Though the fact that the massage chair is mostly used in the home comes as no surprise to anyone, there are other places where it can perform just as well. Therefore, we’ve combined our experiences with our customers’ feedback and prepared a list of the most popular places where massage chairs are used.

Massage chair at home

… to relax you and your loved ones.

Naturally, it’s absolutely nothing new and this information is rather unsurprising these days, but we would like to emphasise that most of our massage chairs operate in houses and flats, where they look after the well-being of family members and frequently their guests as well. Depending on the users’ needs, they find their way into living rooms, bedrooms, gyms, playrooms and even garages (yes, we actually saw that one :-)) – practically in every room you can think of. If you want to learn more about the most popular places for a massage chair, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as tips for choosing the right spot at home, you can find a detailed description in one of our previous articles: “3 popular places to set up massage chairs in homes“.

Massage chair in the waiting room

…to relax you and your clients.

It is not unusual for us to deliver massage chairs to waiting rooms, where customers can relax while waiting to be provided with the right service:

  • in a car showroom – massage may prove indispensable for relaxing the Customer before the final amount for the repair is given ;-) and for those waiting for their car to be serviced or collected,
  • in hairdressing salons and beauty parlours – for clients having their hair dyed, a mask applied and for those waiting for a beauty treatment, especially during occasional delays – a relaxing massage will be a perfect compensation and supplement to the service,
  • inside a hotel lobby, but also in a hotel SPA – to increase the satisfaction of clients waiting for their room and during quick breaks between business meetings, and in the wellness area – to perfectly unwind and rest,
  • in a dentist’s surgery – massage is great way to relax and calm down any frightened patient,

…and a number of other places, always fulfilling the same task, though. A massage chair standing in the waiting room is above all a great advantage during delays, but often it’s also considered an upgrade of standard or an extra service. Most frequently, we will find Massaggio Eccellente 2 or Massaggio Bello 2 in the waiting rooms, as they offer a comprehensive, highly relaxing massage. Additionally, the absence of a foot massager in these models is seen as an advantage – it lets the clients to keep their shoes on.

Massage chair in the company chill-out zone

…to relax your employees.

Nowadays, employers are becoming more and more keen to look after their personnel by giving them access to the so-called relax room. Before work or during breaks, employees can enjoy a room with massage chairs and other relaxing accessories. Even if only for a few minutes, massage in a massage chair allows for more effective work by soothing, relaxing and relieving tension. It eliminates discomfort and soreness resulting from long hours behind the desk, offering pleasant relief. You can read about other benefits of a short regeneration in a massage chair in the article: “An invigorating nap in the massage chair” or on our dedicated page – Chillout Room in your company.

As you can see, massage chairs can be used in all sorts of places, basically wherever there’s space and time to enjoy some downtime. So whether you are thinking about a massage chair for yourself, clients or employees, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.