Service request


During the period of increased activity of the COVID-19 virus, we have taken exceptional precautions to ensure the safety of the massage chair service. During the service, we comply with all recommendations, including maintaining an appropriate distance between two people, which we also ask our clients, covering the face and using disinfectants.

In case of defect or statement of massage armchair dysfunction – report it to us immediately. First stage of reporting defect is to fill in service form below, which will allow us to initially define type and character of problem. Initial analysis usually ends with serviceman’s instruction how to solve the minor defect by yourself.

But if defect needs serious repair, in second stage we will determine cause of defect, arrange date of service arriving and repair armchair on the spot.

Service offers warranty and post-warranty repairs of every Fujiiryoki, Massaggio and Tokuyo armchairs. We can’t repair armchairs of other manufacturers.

Help us and try to describe defect character as precisely as possible in form below. Pay attention to:

  • How is armchair behaving?
  • Which part works incorrect?
  • Does armchair responds on signals from remote?
  • Are there any sounds produced by the defect?

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