Neck and shoulder pain and massage in a massage chair


Have you ever felt that neck and shoulder pain is interfering with your daily life? If so, you are not alone. Pain in this area affects millions of people worldwide. What causes neck and shoulder muscles to be so prone to pain and tension? From our post, you will learn what is the most common cause of tight neck and shoulders, and also discover ways that can help fight pain and discomfort.


The modern lifestyle often forces us to spend long hours in one position, usually in front of a computer. Such a static position, especially if it is not ergonomically adjusted, leads to excessive strain on the neck and shoulder muscles. Lack of physical activity further worsens the situation, and stress only intensifies muscle tension.

Chronic neck and shoulder pain can affect the quality of life, limiting the ability to perform daily activities. Sleep problems, which often accompany chronic pain, cause prolonged fatigue and lowered mood. Moreover, continuous muscle tension contributes to permanent changes in the musculoskeletal system, increasing the risk of further health problems.


Regular massage sessions not only relieve muscle tension but also improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility. Massage also helps reduce stress, which further reduces pain. Scientific studies confirm that massage can be a key element of therapy for people suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain.


The simplest method to relieve pain is manual massage, done by oneself, with the help of a close person, or in a specialist’s office. Gently massaging the neck and shoulder muscles in circular motions brings relief and relaxation. Alternatively, special neck and shoulder massagers can be used. They usually operate on a 2D system, have balls massaging under the cover rotating around their axis, sometimes accompanied by a heating function. Massage pillows work on a similar principle. The biggest advantages of neck and shoulder massagers, as well as massage pillows, are their price – they are relatively inexpensive. The decision to purchase this type of equipment often depends on its mobility, versatility, and ease of transport – they can be used to massage various body zones, and due to their size, it is possible to take them e.g. on a trip.


A more advanced massage option is massage chairs, which offer comprehensive body massage. The range of the massaging arms in many models from our offer covers the section from the neck down to the thighs. Most chairs can operate with special focus on a selected area – the massager will focus on massaging the specified part. Many models are equipped with automatic programs that pay special attention to the neck and shoulders – usually called “Neck&Shoulder”. In advanced models like iRest, it looks similar, though here you will also find programs with special purposes (e.g., for office workers, leading a sedentary lifestyle), or aimed at a specific effect (e.g., the “Mind Refresh” program in iRest Maesthron (A801) focuses on massaging the neck, shoulders, back, and waist using kneading and Shiatsu).


A unique chair is the Bodyfriend Phantom Care – a specialist in neck muscle regeneration. As the only one among the chairs available in our offer, it has a special headrest for stabilizing the head and neck during the massage. Pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF), XD massage system, and special programs available in Care mode – this combination allows for relieving pain – especially in the cervical segment. A wide range of automatic programs available in Phantom Care includes, among others, Neck Traction – during the massage session, the neck is massaged with cushions and massaging arms; Stenosis – massage from the neck down to the buttocks, alleviates pain across the entire working area of the massager – the chair uses acupressure, kneading, and rubbing massage. Meanwhile, choosing PEMF Neck experiences intense neck massage that alleviates pain in this area, as well as stimulates muscles using a pulsating electromagnetic field. It is also worth mentioning that Phantom Care is the only one that massages the neck with an air cushion – placed in the headrest to stabilize the neck and head, which is used for gentle stretching massage.

Massage chairs are a more expensive, but more comprehensive massage option. A massage chair massages the entire body at once, while a neck and shoulder massager or massage pillow – have a limited massage area. Massage chairs offer more advanced massage than the mentioned devices – and the latest massage chairs operate in 3D, 4D, or 5D systems, where it is possible to adjust the strength of the massage, and often choose the area to be focused on. Massage chairs are made from more durable materials, therefore they are a more cost-effective investment – for years. An important advantage of chairs over massagers is the stimulation of the cervical segment not only through massage but also by generating an electromagnetic field (as in Bodyfriend Phantom Care), which stimulates cell regeneration and effectively aids in muscle relaxation. Regular massage in a massage chair contributes to muscle strengthening and improving their flexibility.

If you are interested in neck and shoulder massage in massage chairs – contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.


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Published: 2024.01.20

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