Massage chair in beauty parlours, hairdressing salons and massage parlours


Although there are many chairs on the market designed strictly for the so-called beauty parlours, there is a growing number of classic massage chairs that offer many more features. Massage chairs, somewhat surprisingly at first, are also an increasingly common addition to the services on offer in professional massage salons. In the following article, you’ll find out how a massage chair can be used in beauty, hairdressing or massage salons and how it can make your offer more attractive.

Massage chair and the massage therapy clinic

It would seem that massage in a massage chair and massage performed by a masseur are mutually exclusive, but against all odds, joining these two solutions is becoming increasingly common. The massaging arms of the massage chair remove the initial tensions and prepare the body for the targeted massage performed by the therapist. What’s more, the massage therapist can expand his or her offer by incorporating the advanced functions of massage chairs. Indeed, the massage chair is able to create sensations that are unusual for massage therapists, such as Zero Gravity massage or – not that common ;) – massage of the buttocks.

Massage chair in beauty parlours and in hairdressing salons

The massage chair in a beauty parlour can actually be used in a variety of ways. However, the most popular is to set it up in the waiting room. Instead of spreading out magazines, you can provide your clients with exceptional relaxation and relief. In a situation where one appointment gets extended, the next client can benefit from massage; after all, delays do happen, and a session in a massage chair can make the best compensation. The time spent at the massage instead of waiting will pass quicker and more pleasantly. In addition, clients will associate your salon with relaxation and comfort not seen in other such places, which can be an argument for making another appointment… and recommending your services to others.

In addition, the massage chair can be employed during certain other treatments – the client massages herself while wearing a mask or having hair dye applied, for example. Such a variety of treatments will make your offer stand out from all the others available on the market.

Massage chair for employees, too.

However, beauty parlour isn’t just clients, but also employees who can use the massage chair during breaks from work. Long periods of work, often involving many hours of standing, put a lot of strain, especially on the legs. Even a few minutes’ massage in the massage chair will restore lightness to the legs, relax them and eliminate tension. After such a break, the employee will return to work rested and full of energy, and thus also more efficient. We’ve discussed it in more detail on our blog in our article about relaxation rooms

That being said, the benefits of placing a massage chair in a waiting room or lounge cannot be underestimated. If you want your clients, employees and probably yourself to benefit from such a piece of equipment, take a look at our product range. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2022.09.16

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