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Although there are many chairs on the market designed strictly for the so-called beauty parlours, there is a growing number of classic massage chairs that offer many more features. Massage chairs, somewhat surprisingly at first, are also an increasingly common addition to the services on offer in professional massage salons. In the following article, you’ll find out how a massage chair can be used in beauty or hairdressing salons and how it can make your offer more attractive.

A massage chair in beauty salons can be used in many different ways. However, the most common use is placing it in the waiting area. Instead of spreading out magazines, you can provide your clients with exceptional rest and relaxation. If an appointment is prolonged, the next client can use the massage chair; delays happen, and a session in the massage chair can be a perfect compensation. Time spent on a massage rather than waiting will pass more quickly and pleasantly. Moreover, clients will associate your salon with relaxation and comfort not found in other such places, which can be an argument for booking the next visit… and recommending your services to others.

Additionally, the massage chair can be used during certain treatments – a client can enjoy a massage while wearing a face mask or having dye applied to their hair. Such an enhancement of treatments can distinguish your offer from many others available on the market. Adding a massage in a chair as an element expanding the range of services and including this in the marketing activities of the company can attract potential new clients.


However, beauty salons are not only for clients, but also for employees who can use the massage chair during breaks from work. Long, often hours-long standing is primarily a significant strain on the thoracic and leg areas. Even a few minutes of massage in the chair can relax and relieve tension, and restore lightness to the legs. After such a break, an employee will return to their duties rested and full of energy, and thus also more efficient. More about using the massage chair in the company was written on our blog in a page dedicated to relax rooms.


When choosing a chair for a beauty salon, it is important to consider several aspects. Depending on the salon, it should be a model without a foot massage, which will allow for greater hygiene. Clients will also not have to take off their shoes for the massage, which will increase their comfort and allow for greater ease during the service. In terms of hygiene, upholstery that is easy to clean would also be useful, which will allow for quick preparation of the chair for the next client. It would also be a huge plus if the chosen model was easy to use, so clients, for example, in the waiting area could easily and without significant loss of time change settings and choose the massage they are interested in. When choosing the perfect massage chair, also pay attention to its design and color. The chair can beautifully complement the interior and be an excellent showcase for your place.

Introducing a massage chair to your beauty or cosmetic salon is an excellent way to distinguish your offer. This modern and functional piece of equipment not only increases the comfort of clients but also raises the standard and aesthetics of your business.

We encourage you to check out our offer of massage chairs, which will perfectly complement any beauty salon. Discover how easily you can attract new clients and increase the satisfaction of those who regularly visit your salon. Check out our models today and start reaping the benefits of advanced equipment in your beauty salon. Contact us, and we will help you select the perfect massage chair for your needs.

Therefore, the benefits of setting up a massage chair in the waiting area or salon cannot be overstated. If you want your clients, employees, and perhaps even yourself to enjoy such a chair, look into our offer. If you have questions, contact us.

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Published: 2022.09.16

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