Look after your employees and they will take care of your company's revenue.

Relax room with massage chairs in your company

Benefits of Wellbeing and the reasons it is worth pursuing!

Wellbeing in a company refers to overall wellbeing and satisfaction of employees, be it physical, emotional or social. It is a state in which employees feel catered for, supported and able to achieve work-life harmony.



are less likely to be looking for new employment


are less likely to experience occupational burnout


are more likely to enjoy a prosperous life

are more likely to show commitment at work

are more likely to be supportive of their workplace and to trust management

Research by Gallup and The American Institute of Stress

Employees in companies where their wellbeing is taken care of:

  • are less likely to suffer from illnesses,
  • are less likely to experience occupational burnout,
  • experience anxiety and frustration less frequently,
  • are less likely to experience muscular pain and tension,
  • work more efficiently,
  • demonstrate increased effort.

This translates into real, measurable benefits for the employer:

  • a decrease in staff absenteeism and the resulting need to organise substitutions,
  • increased team efficiency,
  • reduced job rotation,
  • reduced risk of work-related accidents

There are different ways of taking care of employees. Company relax rooms are one of them, and we equip them with

Massage Chairs

… because they are effective when it comes to mental wellbeing. Mental balance and minimising stress are among the fundamental needs related to employee health and wellbeing. According to studies all it takes is 10 minutes of massage to reduce stress and tension.


If you have free space at your disposal, create a room intended for relaxation



Designate a dedicated relaxation area in your office space.

Massage chairs decrease stress levels and boost mental energy:

  • while massaging, they relax the body and calm the mind,
  • they let you have a power nap, i.e. a short regenerative break,
  • they help to restore energy and efficiency in times of distraction,
  • they let you make effective use of your breaks,
  • they do not need to be called or booked, they offer a reliable massage… whenever you want them to,
  • they are conducive to corporate integration and cooperation,
  • they can influence the decision to work in an office instead of a home office,
  • they are positively perceived by employees and job applicants.

Employees of these companies have already been using our massage chairs.


The massage chairs are hugely popular in our company. They are frequently used by…

Entire opinion:

The massage chairs are hugely popular in our company. They are frequently used by our staff during breaks, but also during work, e.g. long teleconference meetings. The chair helps to relax tense neck and shoulder muscles and enjoyable foot massage provides much needed relaxation.

The processing of the order was carried out in a professional manner and according to the previous arrangements. The delivery to our several locations went smooth and without any problems. The contact with the company’s personnel was very friendly yet to the point.

We would highly recommend Rest Lords to all companies looking for massage chairs for their employees. And we wish the Rest Lords team all the best!



Here at Netia, massage chairs have been set up in relax chillout rooms for the Call Centre – because working…

Entire opinion:

Here at Netia, massage chairs have been set up in relax chillout rooms for the Call Centre – because working on “headphones” has its own rules.

This means fewer opportunities for employees doing this type of work to leave their desks. Long hours spent in one position in front of a computer monitor lead to back and leg pain. Our colleagues have complained about such discomfort. To meet their expectations, we provided them with the opportunity to relax and receive a professional massage.

The Rest Lords chairs have received praise from all over Poland. Thank you.


leroy merlin

The chairs were provided to the company’s employees, who can now enjoy a sensational, in their opinion…

Entire opinion:

The chairs were provided t:o the company’s employees, who can now enjoy a sensational, in their opinion, massage during breaks from work. Both chairs work flawlessly, their construction is reliable yet aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, they serve their purpose. After the breaks, our employees are relaxed, full of energy and ready to return to their duties with a smile.

When it comes to the execution of the order – we value the highest quality – so we especially appreciate the professionalism, reliability and pleasant contact with Rest Lords. Everything proceeded as agreed. The chairs were delivered quickly and within a few days after placing the order our employees were able to enjoy the massage.

We highly recommend choosing Rest Lords and we wish them continued success!



The transaction itself was completed promptly and professionally. The chair was at our place the very next….

Entire opinion:
The transaction itself was completed promptly and professionally. The chair was at our place the very next day after we placed the order.

The contact with the seller was professional and to the point. All the features of the massage chair are consistent with the description, it looks very reliable, works flawlessly, massages sensationally and thus enjoys great popularity among our employees, fully implementing the principles of the wellbeing concept.

We recommend cooperation with Rest Lords and wish them all the best!



Our conversations with the company CEO, the transaction itself and the delivery to our premises were professional…

Entire opinion:
Our conversations with the company CEO, the transaction itself and the delivery to our premises were professional, smooth and enjoyable.

We purchased the chairs to make them available to our employees, who use them most often during breaks at work. Those using the chairs are satisfied and there is only positive feedback. The chairs massage brilliantly, which is why they are very popular. We have no reservations whatsoever about the quality of the product or its functioning. A big advantage is that the chairs are easy to keep clean.

We recommend Rest Lords Massage Chairs to anyone who is looking for a massage chair and for whom contact with the seller, professionalism and a friendly approach to the customer are essential.



Rest Lords is a group of exceptional individuals who display very good communication skills…

Entire opinion:

Rest Lords is a group of exceptional individuals who display very good communication skills, openness to the client and readiness to meet the client’s requirements and needs at every stage of our cooperation. The team demonstrates great professionalism, reliability and commitment to the tasks entrusted to them, which further contributes to our high rating of this cooperation.

The chairs we were offered have completely lived up to our expectations, providing our employees with an original form of relaxation and unforgettable experience resulting from the high level of comfort achieved during massage.

We can confidently recommend Rest Lords as an experienced, trustworthy and diligent chair supplier.


Which massage chair should I choose and how much does it cost?

Based on our knowledge and experience, we recommend the Massaggio Eccellente 2 massage chair for relaxation rooms.
massage chair massaggio eccellente 2 order

Massaggio Eccellente 2

This massage chair provides a comprehensive massage that ensures rapid recovery… without the need to take off your shoes.

  • 6 automatic programmes
  • 5 massage techniques
  • Zero Gravity – the most comfortable massage position
  • SL-shape – massage from the neck down to the buttocks
  • calf massage – without taking off your shoes
  • relaxing massage using airbags
  • extremely pleasant heating function
  • simple and intuitive remote control
Payments Leasing


The purchase of massage chairs for company relax room can be fully recognised as an expense. In most cases, the most favourable way of financing massage chairs is through operating leasing, the monthly instalments of which will be covered by the current budget or the social budget. It simply pays for itself!

from 262 PLN / mth

(first payment 30%, 24 equal payments, redemption 20%)

Available only to companies registered in Poland.

One hand payments

One-off payment

However, if you are planning a larger investment or are not interested in a leasing option, the company’s relaxation room can be incorporated into an investment project and the funds for the purchase can be taken out of the investment budget to make a one-off payment.

9 970 PLN net / unit.

Rent payments methode

Long-term rental

As an alternative to buying or leasing a massage chair, you can subscribe to it. Renting a massage chair allows you to use new equipment without having to spend a large sum of money straight away. It remains on your side to pay monthly invoices, which you can include in your business costs. At the end of the contract, you also have the option to buy the chair back or exchange it for a new model.

from 427 PLN / mth

The entire rental period is covered by a Business Type Guarantee.
Available only to companies registered in Poland.
We have introduced the Massaggio Eccellente 2 to our product range as a chair specifically dedicated to relaxation rooms. However, if you would like to explore our other models and brands, feel free to browse our full selection:

FAQ – answers to grequently asked questions

Ok, but can my company afford to buy massage chairs?

Let’s rephrase the question. Can your company, in today’s employee market, afford to ignore the needs of the staff who do their best? Can you afford to cover the costs of absenteeism and all the lost productivity? Can you afford to maintain stressed and ineffective employees? And finally, can you afford to be overtaken by competitors who look after their employees better?

A corporate relaxation room with massage chairs is an investment that pays off!

And are massage chairs durable enough for corporate use?

We are paying very close attention to the reliability of each massage chair. We check their quality at every stage, from the production order to acceptance, with the aim of ensuring long-lasting use. Massage chairs that are used commercially or intensively in a company relaxation room are covered by our guarantee which, in addition to the statutory period of 12 months, includes an extension of the business-type guarantee to 36 months as in the calculation below.

However, if anything were to happen and a fault were to occur, which is unusual with the recommended models, we have our own express service. Just give us a call.

Why this massage chair?

We recommend the Massaggio Eccellente 2 massage chair for corporate relaxation rooms because it offers excellent value for money. The chair has all the most useful features for quick and effective recovery, and the open footrest allows you to massage your calves without having to take off your shoes, which means greater hygiene as well. With its universal black upholstery, it will easily match the interiors of any relaxation room. The high quality material used makes the chair easy to clean and durable, which means that it can be enjoyed by many people.

Company benefits vs. the massage chair…

Employers usually offer employees various company benefits. A sports card, private medical care, daily fruit or a PlayStation room. And we are not going to negate the need for a sports card or medical care, but we have second thoughts about the PlayStation or table football :) When it comes to taking care of your health and well-being, it is extremely important to act comprehensively. So, both medical care and a massage chair that takes care of relaxation and rest during breaks at work would work best in any company. After all, the needs of employees are constantly increasing…

Why should I buy a massage chair from Rest Lords?

We specialise exclusively in the sale of massage chairs. We have over 14 years of experience in both supplying massage chairs to private individuals and fitting out relaxation rooms in companies. Once you place your order, you have nothing to worry about – delivery, assembly, instruction… we take care of everything. Our expert knowledge is constantly gaining recognition in the feedback expressed by our customers and can be easily found in the largest blog on massage chairs in Poland (well over 100 articles in total). In Poland, we are the exclusive distributor of massage chairs by Fujiiryoki brand from Japan, Bodyfriend from Korea, iRest from China, Keyton massage chairs from Spain and our own brand Massaggio, also manufactured in China. Our values include: expert knowledge, genuine partnership, conscious commitment, above-standard reliability and striving for perfection. And our slogan: “Your well-being is all that matters here” is our absolute priority. Get to know us and you will see for yourself!

Is it a good time to buy a massage chair?

The most important thing is to fully identify your employee’s needs and then start the process, as the decision is probably not just up to you. However, you are the one who knows best what funds can be used to finance it, whether any major investments are planned, or whether you feel it is already the moment to create a chillout room with massage chairs in your office. Postponing a decision translates into reduced efficiency at work, increased stress levels and other consequences mentioned earlier. So there is no point in postponing the decision.

How many chairs does my relax room need?

This depends on the concept, the number of employees, the organisation of the work, as well as the number of other benefits enjoyed by the employees or, ultimately, the level of interest, which is bound to increase. Therefore, it is optimal to start with at least 2 massage chairs, which will indicate the extent of their use, make it easier to gain access to them during breaks – it will also contribute to relationship building and knowledge sharing.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company’s revenue

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