Massage chair

Massaggio Stravagante 2

Massage chair with the biggest number of "the most..." features
Promotion of massage chair Massaggio Stravagante 2
Beżowy fotel masujący Massaggio Stravagante 2
Promotion of massage chair Massaggio Stravagante 2
Beżowy fotel masujący Massaggio Stravagante 2

3D massage system

3D Massage in massaggio stravagante 2 massage chair

Combine relaxation with professional massage session. Sit back comfortably in the massage chair and let the versatile massaging arms do the work, their three-dimensional movement allows for precise detection of the natural line of the spine and application of appropriate pressure to the body.

In order to better suit your individual preferences, you can adjust the speed and working range of the massaging arms in as many as 5 available levels and change the intensity of the upper and lower body massage as well as the foot roller massager.

SL-shape range and customisation

SL-Shape in massage chairs Stravagante 2

The massage that perfectly fits the line of your spine is provided by the SL-Shape technology. The extended and profiled guide bar of the massaging arms will adapt precisely to the natural shape of the spine, providing massage from the neck to the thighs.

Stretch yourself

Stretching in massage chair Massaggio Stravagante 2

Teleport yourself to bright, lazy mornings, breathe in and remove tension from your muscles by stretching them gently… and all this by running one of the automatic programs.

You’re in control

Remote control in massage armchair Massaggio Stravagante 2

Take control of the most advanced model by Massaggio. Grasp the remote control to access all the functions, use the convenient panel to control the most important ones. Test and explore new ways to unwind. Use the 8 automatic programmes or choose from 6 massage techniques. Then save your favourite functionalities and the most effective sequences of massaging arms movements into your own programme.

Tell me what to do

Massaggio Stravagante 2 massage chair voice control

Hi Alice… with this simple greeting you’ll wake your A.I. chair assistant, who will recognise your voice and … understand your command :) Now, using one of several available commands (in English) you are able to activate the most important functions of the massage chair without having to reach for the remote.

No gravity, no tension

Zero Gravity w fotelu do masażu Massaggio Stravagante 2

Zero Gravity is by far the most comfortable position of the body inside the massage chair ensuring an unprecedented experience. By reclining in the right way, the chair will gently remove the pressure on your muscles and joints, taking them into a pleasant, weightless state.

Pleasant warmth

heating in massage chair Massaggio Stravagante 2

Soothing warmth will envelop your body every chilly evening. By using the infrared heating function, the chair will warm your back muscles and further calves, making them pleasantly relieved.

Airbag massage

Airbags in massaggio stravagante 2 massage chair

The most complex airbag massage system will perfectly complement the performance of massaging arms around the shoulders, calves, feet, thighs… almost everywhere, successfully eliminating accumulated tension and bringing a feeling of relief and blissful relaxation.

Foot massage

Leg massage in Massaggio Stravagante 2

Massage rollers and airbags will caress your feet. Feel how the massage gradually removes any tension and brings incredible relief, also applying to the Achilles tendons and heel, and the automatic footrest extension equipped with the sensor detecting the position of your legs makes it much easier to enjoy the chair. From now on, any major discomfort in the legs will evoke the memory of a blissful feeling of relief and lightness and an irresistible desire to be re-massaged.

The biggest, but with zero Wall

Zero Wall in Massaggio Stravagante 2

Move the chair to the wall and find out that despite its size it doesn’t take up much more space than some smaller models. Thanks to the useful Zero Wall feature, the chair automatically moves away from the wall during massage and you have more room for yourself.

Let more senses in

Music and ionizer in Massaggio Stravagante 2

Travel to the area of crystal clear waterfalls and summer air after a storm, by activating the ionizer. Negative oxygen ions will positively affect the air around you and make every massage session more enjoyable.

Enrich your relaxation in the massage chair with your favourite music streaming directly from the 3D sound system. Simply connect your phone to the massage chair using Bluetooth.

Make the massage chair fit you

Adjustment of dimensions in Massaggio Stravagante 2 massage chair

The size of the chair is impressive, but thanks to the possibility of adjusting the arm massager, the position of the cushion, the footrest extension and thorough scanning, every user, even the shorter one, will quickly find a suitable position and feel extremely comfortable in it.

Quality and futuristic design

The feeling of comfort is guaranteed not only because of the massage itself, but also because of the characteristic design that implements a futuristic vision of relaxation. In this quality finish there is still space for the choice of colour, which allows you to combine the unobvious shape with the interior at your place.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.



    Fotel masujący Massaggio Stravagante 2
    Price: 19 970 17 973 zł

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    • rebate in the amount of 1997 zł
    • Safe Delivery included
    • Safety procedures due to COVID-19
    • we celebrate until 29 November 2020.

    Reviews about Massaggio Stravagante 2

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    Automatic programs
    • 8 automatic programs
    • + memory of 3 self-composed programs
    Techniques and range of massage
    • 11 massage techniques
    • point massage, in the scope, comprehensive
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage power
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage speed
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage width
    Range of massage with massage arms
    from the neck to the buttocks (SL-shape 135cm)
    Place of performing aerial massage
    • feet
    • calves
    • thighs
    • back
    • arms
    • forearms
    Foot massage
    rollers, airbags
    Automatic unfolding
    to Zero Gravity position
    Scanning the backbone line
    yes, 3D
    back, calves (IR up to 40 degrees C)
    automatic stretching program
    Additional functions
    • wheels for moving the chair on flat surfaces
    • phone holder
    Maximum height
    198 cm
    Permissible weight
    150 kg
    Dimensions in a sitting position
    85 cm x 118 cm x 161 cm (W x H x L)
    Dimensions in lying position
    85 cm x 103 cm x 206 cm (W x H x L)
    Carton dimensions
    85 cm x 123 cm x 137 cm (W x H x L)
    Seat width
    51 cm (additional airbags are not included)
    Avalaible colours
    graphite, creme-graphite
    160,5 kg
    Power consumption
    220 W
    <60 dB
    • 24 months (individual clients)
    • 12 months (entrepreneurs)
    • On-site guarantee with access to the service technician
    • the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years
    • 5903641991216 (graphite)
    • 5903641991209 (creme-graphite)
    The armchair with the greatest amount of "the best ...", high-end and the largest model by Massaggio with a futuristic design, 3D massage and a whole list of innovative functionalities ensuring relaxation on an unearthly level.

    Files to download

    User manual of massage chair Massaggio Stravagante 2 (PDF)

    Product card of massage chair Massaggio Stravagante 2 (PDF)

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    Massaggio Stravagante 2 massage chair - the greatest amount of "the most"

    The largest, the most modern, the most technologically advanced... Find out about its most important functions and see what its phenomenon is.