Massage chair

Massaggio Stravagante

Massage chair, which redefined concept of relaxation

massage chair Massaggio Stravagante sale
massage chair Massaggio Stravagante arrangment
massage chair Massaggio Stravagante arrangment 2
massage chair Massaggio Stravagante sale
massage chair Massaggio Stravagante arrangment
massage chair Massaggio Stravagante arrangment 2

3D system massage with S-Contours

3D system massage with S-Contours Massaggio Stravagante

Sit back in massage chair and give yourself up to arms of professional masseur. Feel more precise and perfectly executed massage. Thanks to function of spatial massage, armchair will scan your spine with even higher accuracy, regardless technique chosen by you.

Everything can be fully adjusted in 5 intensity, speed and width levels, perfectly matching massaging arms movement to your needs.

Navigating and functionalities

Navigating and functionalities Massaggio Stravagante

Steering the most advanced massage chair from the brand called Massaggio is in your hands. Thanks to intuitiveness of remote buttons attached to armchair, controlling its functions will be mastered after a while.

Depending on your needs You can choose one of 7 automatic programs, which during 20 minute massage session will bring relief and relaxation, which you need. You can control operating time and test available massage techniques. Basing on your needs and experience from carried out massage sessions You can compose your own, tailored automatic program.

Navigating with an app

Navigating with an app Massaggio Stravagante

How about controlling massage chair with your phone and being able to update its functions? Now it is possible! Only in this massage chair You can “transfer” control panel on your mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to dedicated mobile app You can control every function of massage chair by connecting it with your phone via Bluetooth.

Body stretching

Body stretching Massaggio Stravagante

Sometimes, during the day, all You need is stretching, the same one that You do after waking up in the morning. When You need it, activate stretching program and experience similar effect. Relieve tension in muscles and feel the energy hidden in them.

Leg massage

Leg massage Massaggio Stravagante

Place your legs on footrest and imagine You’re in massage parlor somewhere in Thailand. You will get similar experience when rollers and air cushions will be working. Dozens of spots at the bottom of your feet will be pleasantly massaged. On the occasion this massage will be improving blood circulation, loosening muscles and bringing your legs feeling of lightness.

Magnetic field functioning on a footrest will improve cell restoration and after longer using it will enhance condition of your legs.

Air cushion massage system

Air cushion massage system Massaggio Stravagante

Thanks to 68 air cushions placed in a massage chair You will feel like You were lying on a king size bed. Properly synchronized system of working those cushions will support action of massaging arms and will increase feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Massaggio Stravagante

Keep your head in the clouds with closed eyes and relax. Feeling of absolute relieving of spine muscles (similar to weightlessness) awaits you, thanks to proper body position on massage chair.

Appropriate fitting

Appropriate fitting Massaggio Stravagante

Sit back and fit massage chair to your needs. Thanks to full adjustment of headrest, 3 levels of arm massager’s clamps regulation and possibility of sliding out the footrest up to 20 cm, everyone will find position suitable to its build.


Heating Massaggio Stravagante

Cooler evenings will be more enjoyable with infrared heating option. The soothing heat emanating directly from the backrest of the massage chair will warm up your muscles up to 40ºC, additionally enhancing the relaxation effect.

Air ionizer

Air ionizer Massaggio Stravagante

Imagine standing by the waterfall and inhaling the saturated, crystalline air. The same is true for massage in Massaggio Stravagante armchair. Ionized air flow, which generates large amounts of negative ions, will optimize the quality of air You breathe and will make each massage session beneficial for your body.

Bluetooth music player

Bluetooth music player Massaggio Stravagante

You've already satisfied major part of your senses, but think what else would put You in a good mood ... Enrich your massage session with the relaxing sounds coming from the attached headphones. Connect your music player with your chair via bluetooth and listen to your favorite music.

Zero Wall

Zero Wall Massaggio Stravagante

Massage chair Stravagante, despite its size, doesn’t occupy more space than other models. Thanks to Zero Wall function You won’t lose valuable space in the room. The chair can be pushed completely against the wall and it will automatically move away from it when it is unfolded.


Quality Massaggio Stravagante

Undoubtedly the highest quality of upholstery and technology applied inside, will provide You feeling of the highest comfort and prestige.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.


    Massaggio Stravagante
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