Massage chair

Massaggio Eccellente

The most advanced technologies in classic line

massage chair Massaggio Eccellente
massage chair Massaggio Eccellente arrang 2
massage chair Massaggio Eccellente arrang 3
massage chair Massaggio Eccellente
massage chair Massaggio Eccellente arrang 2
massage chair Massaggio Eccellente arrang 3

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Massaggio Eccellente

Think about how pleasant a massage can be when your muscles are relaxed and you feel incredibly comfortable all the time. In Zero-Gravity position you can take a good nap, since the chair after end of the massage won’t wake you up, it will remain in the position you chose.


L-shape Massaggio Eccellente

Discover one of the most recognized technologies among massage chairs. Feel a very relaxing massage, whose range of 95 cm reaches further than to the loins. Enjoy a buttocks massage and see how important it is, not just for those who work in a sitting position.

Navigating and possibilities

Navigating and possibilities Massaggio Eccellente

Thanks to the intuitive pilot, you will learn how to use all possibilities of the massage chair after first use. Find your favorite massage from among 5 available automatic programs and 5 massage techniques. Freely control position of the massage chair, position of the massaging arms and adjust their movement in 3 levels of speed and width.

Using the memory of the massage chair, you can easily create up to 3 own automatic programs. Subjectively choose the most pleasant massage techniques and area of their action, arrange an individual massage session, which will always help you unwind and relax.

Air cushion massage system

Air cushion massage system Massaggio Eccellente

Cast your forearms in the cover of massage chair airbags and after first massage session they will become lighter and refreshed. The cushions cover the shoulders and the delicate, fully regulated movement will stimulate the circulation.

Leg massage

Leg massage Massaggio Eccellente

Thanks to the adjustable footrest, anyone, regardless of height, will find a perfect massage position. Put your feet in the footrest and feel how pleasant pressure of the air cushions remove tension and provide complete relaxation of your legs.



Pleasant heat emanating directly from the back of the massage chair will be appreciated not only during the massage, but also every cooler evening. Infrared rays will warm muscles up to 40ºC, making each individual move of the massage arms soothing.

Zero Wall

Zero Wall Massaggio Eccellente

Although big amount of functions this armchair doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Place it by the wall and don’t leave free space behind him. Thanks to Zero Wall function, the armchair during unfolding will automatically move away from the wall.


Quality Massaggio Eccellente

Classic massage chair line topped off with high quality black upholstery, with chunky stitchings. Thanks to this massage chair will always be elegant piece of furniture.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.


    Massaggio Eccellente
    price: 9970 zł 8470 zł


    • a discount of 1 500 zł
    • delivery around July 20, 2020
    • includes express delivery by courier
      Delivered within 48 hours of issue at the latest. The courier contacts you on the day of delivery before it is made. Shipment sent on a pallet, for its own bringing and assembly. There is a possibility of contactless pickup.
    • Safety procedures due to COVID-19
    • valid until July 21, 2020



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