Massage chair

Massaggio Bello 2

Soothing massage in compact binding
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 on promotion
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 on promotion
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 on promotion
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 on promotion
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 on promotion
Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2 on promotion

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity in massage chair Massaggio Bello 2

Sit back comfortably and unfold the chair into the perfect position to perfectly relieve the strain on your spine and experience the feeling of exceptional comfort. Such lightness and an incredible feeling of bliss in this tier of seats....unusual.

Massage and control

Control and functions of massage chair Massaggio Bello 2

Take a break and get some rest by choosing a defined massage session from 3 automatic programs. Enjoy a precise movement imitating the hands of a professional massage therapist or massage the spot you need by using 6 massage techniques available.
You can control the chair using the handy remote control built into the right armrest.


SL-shape in massage chair Massaggio Bello 2

Feel the perfectly fitted massage that extends from the neck to the lumbar region, but also to the buttocks. Take care of the places usually omitted during the massage, and yet so important for the condition of the entire body.

Calf massage on request

Calf massage in massage chair Massaggio Bello 2

Use the footrest as a discreet comfortable calf support or invert it, place the calves in it and feel the airbags take unnecessary weight off your calves after a whole day.

Music via Bluetooth

Music and accessories in massage chair Massaggio Bello 2

To intensify the relaxing effect, combine a massage chair session with your favourite music. Use Bluetooth to play relaxing melodies straight from your phone... then close your eyes and let massage arms work. There's also a USB charging socket to keep the music from becoming silent during the massage session.

Design and quality

Classic deep black or its subtle combination with beige create classic combinations. These, combined with small sizes, which will perfectly fit both in a large living room and a small bedroom, are the ideal choice for most interiors.

Massaggio Bello is distinguished by its futuristic design and quality of workmanship. Pay attention to the refined details and leather that comes in two types of textures. In combination with a perfectly designed line, they create an absolutely unique effect.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.


    Massage chair Massaggio Bello 2
    price: 4970 zł 4470 zł


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