Massage chair

Massaggio Bello

Soothing massage in compact binding… and affordable price

massage chair Massaggio Bello arrangement
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massage chair Massaggio Bello arrangement
massage chair Massaggio Bello arrangement 2a
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Small, but crazy

Compact binding Massaggio Bello

You can’t often get so much in such a compact solution. Thanks to its small dimensions, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in both large lounge and small rooms. Easily move the armchair on flat surfaces thanks to wheels mounted on it.

The functionality of the massage chair will make possible to use it both by your employees or by the customers in your office waiting room.

Navigating and functions

Navigating and functions Massaggio Bello

Sit back, start one of 7 available automatic programs and for 15 minutes don’t care about anything – right now you’re relaxing. Except automatic programs there are also available 5 professional massage techniques, regulated in 5 speed levels and 3 levels of width, what will provide incredibly fitted and soothing relaxation session.

That’s true! An armchair with such compact dimensions can be compared to a professional masseur, which will provide You relaxation on a high level.

Back heating

Back heating Massaggio Bello

Enhance your comfort by heating backrest of massage chair up to 40ºC. The infrared rays pleasantly warm up the back, helping the massaging arms, which in an even more comfortable and soothing way remove the tension of your muscles.

Automatic unfolding and scanning

Automatic unfolding and scanning Massaggio Bello

Adjust position of massage chair and choose perfect position, in which You want to relax and recover. Automatically advance to lying or slightly leaning position. It depends on You, in which position You will start the massage. The armchair will always scan the line of your spine to match the massage to your needs.

Calf massage

Calf massage Massaggio Bello

Lightness and freedom of legs will bring you a stretching program that will relax your calves every time you need it, removing unnecessary load from it. Depending on the need, adjust intensity of the massage with air cushions to massage legs properly, even when they need stronger experience.

Design and fulfillment

Design and fulfillment Massaggio Bello

Main features of Massaggio Bello armchair are beautiful shape and high quality of product. Materials and components applied in this armchair are very durable, so You can enjoy it for many years.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.


    Massaggio Bello
    price: 4970 zł

    The offer includes:

    • Carefree Delivery
      Performed within 3-5 days with our own transport, by trained representatives who bring, assemble and carry out the initial instruction of the massage chair.
    • express delivery by courier
      For the choice of delivery by courier - a discount of 300 zł. Shipment sent on a pallet, for its own bringing and assembly. Delivered within 48 hours of issue at the latest. The courier contacts you on the day of delivery before it is made.
    • possibility of presentation
      Individual presentation of a massage chair that takes place at home, in a company or other chosen place. Representatives always bring a new model of a chair, carry out an initial instruction of service and present its possibilities. The cost of the presentation, regardless of where it is located in Poland, is 300 zł. At the time of purchase, the amount goes to the value of the massage chair.

    Real installments 0%

    • own payment 0 zł
    • 20 equal installments at 249 zł / m-th
    • without any additional costs



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