Massage chair

Keyton H10

Your house is going to love this armchair
Massage chair Keyton H10 on sale promotion
Keyton H10 Deco Fotel masujący aranżacja
Keyton H10 Domo Fotel masujący aranżacja
Fotel masujący Keyton H10 Retro aranżacja
Fotel masujący Keyton H10 Royal aranżacja
Fotel masujący Keyton H10 Vintage aranżacja
Massage chair Keyton H10 on sale promotion
Keyton H10 Deco Fotel masujący aranżacja
Keyton H10 Domo Fotel masujący aranżacja
Fotel masujący Keyton H10 Retro aranżacja
Fotel masujący Keyton H10 Royal aranżacja
Fotel masujący Keyton H10 Vintage aranżacja

The same massage in different versions

Różne fotele masujące Keyton h10

Take a look at the one of a kind, perfectly massaging chair with H10 technology, in up to 5 different, unique, beautiful and timeless faces. This is it! Unprecedented among massage chairs, the first such solution in which you can choose a design that suits you and your interior..

This is not a coincidence, this is an effect of long-time collaboration of designers from Keyton and Giugiaro Design.

Full customization

Palette of colors and materials

This chair is supposed to match your interior and your style – not the other way round. Soft, natural leather, phenomenal overstitchings and wooden finish. Pure beauty! Its final touch is up to you.

Create your own, unique massage chair and integrate it with your surroundings by choosing shape, wood and wide colour palette.

Time for a massage… very good massage!

Massage chair Sensor Scan Pro in armchair with massage

Unique design and massage. Special technology SensorScan Pro adjusts massage to your body. Massage arms mark 128 characteristic spots on your body and find the most tense muscles to make you feel precise and incredibly relaxing massage.

In accordance with your needs

Massage chair Keyton pilot

Choose one of automatic programs, adjust it to your lifestyle and enjoy massage session. Choose perfect program that will wake you up, relax or settle you down, depending on your mood or day time.

Wireless and intuitive remote enables you to control every function of massage chair and thanks to lack of wires it has a beautiful design and looks aesthetic.

The intensity you need

Rozkładanie fotela masującego

Do you want relaxation and gentle kneading or intensive, deep massage? To meet your demand, the system of adjusting massage intensity “Intelligent” was created.

Set convenient position and the system will pick proper intensity to provide you comfortable and adjusted to your needs massage.

Relaxation for your legs

3D Touch Control

Recover your legs after hard day. Patented technology 3D Touch Control stimulates blood circulation, provides pleasant massage and makes your legs relaxed for a long time.

Two in one armchair

Poduszka i fotel wypoczynkowy

Decide for yourself what you will use your Keyton chair for. Relax, read books, listen to music, like in normal armchair and have professional and pleasant massage whenever you like. And whenever you feel like it, take advantage of a professional and pleasant massage. All you need to do is to take off the leisure pillow.

Each model is unique


Grab the armchair and rotate, to see it from every angle.


    Beautifully shaped wooden armrests with leather “line” – this is its characteristic feature. Finished with high quality, soft leather and installed on round base. It fascinates you every time you look at it.


    Grab the armchair and rotate, to see it from every angle.


      Thanks to characteristic mesh armrests it looks modern and original and goes perfectly with round base. Designers did a good job, it’s visible in every detail of this armchair.


      Grab the armchair and rotate, to see it from every angle.


        Elegant and noble style, care about details, soft and round armrests, finished with perfect overstitchings – those are features of a truly royal armchair.


        Grab the armchair and rotate, to see it from every angle.


          Classic, but effective. Minimalistic, but impressive. The simplicity of the form, complemented by the highest quality leather and metal legs, brings out the elegant character of the interior and emphasizes the extraordinary attention to detail. Simple massage chair with highest quality leather and metal legs makes your room look even more elegant.


          Grab the armchair and rotate, to see it from every angle.


            Magic of the old days captured in original, eye-catching form. Thanks to oldschool, round armrests this armchair is perfect for stylish and cosy interior.

            From the idea to realisation


            You can see and try out Keyton H10 in our showroom or order individual presentation. Both in our showroom and during the presentation there are presentation models, which can be tested. After that you can pick the finish from colour chart.

            Personalize you massage armchair

            • Step 1. Choose design: Vintage, Domo, Royal, Deco, Retro.
            • Step 2. Choose type and colour of upholstery.
            • Step 3. You can pick type of wooden finish (walnut wood, oak wood) for models Vintage, Domo and Royal.


            Keyton H10 is custom manufactured chair. From the moment of confirming the purchase you have to wait for 5 weeks for delivery. Carefree Delivery, carrying in and assembly is included in price.


            Fotel masujący Keyton H10
            Price from: 17 900 16 110 zł

            Prices depending on upholstery:

            • Deco, Royal and Retro models – 17 900 zł 16 110 zł
            • Vintage and Domo models – 19 900 zł 17 910 zł

            See: appearance simulator



            • 10% rebate on all models
            • includes Carefree Delivery
              Included in to the price of massage chair. Performed with our own transport, by trained representatives who bring, assemble and carry out the initial instruction of the massage chair. Due to personalization massage chair is delivered within 4-5 weeks of order.
            • full warranty
              Standard warranty for individual persons lasts 24 months, Business type guarantee for companies - 12 months. Warranty with service technician access. Can be extended up to 5 years.
            • valid until 3 August 2021

            Reviews about Keyton H10

            Keyton H10 | 12.05.2020

            The Keyton H10 chair I purchased meets my expectations perfectly. I'm after spine surgery, I use the chair almost every day. Great massage programs guarantee relaxation and recovery from ailments. The craftsmanship of the chair is excellent and it's a beautiful piece of furniture. Highly recommended!!!

            Zdjęcie *


            Automatic programs
            • 3 leg massage programs
            • 7 back massage programs
            Techniques and range of massage
            • 3 massage techniques
            • point massage, in the scope, comprehensive
            • 3 levels of leg massage strength
            • 3 levels of thigh massage strength
            • 5 levels of massage height
            • 3 levels of massage width
            • 4 levels of intensity of massage techniques
            Range of massage with massage arms
            from the neck to the loins
            Place of performing aerial massage
            none (3D calf massage)
            Foot massage
            Automatic unfolding
            to straight, lying position
            Scanning the backbone line
            yes, SensorScan Pro
            Additional functions
            • massage intensity control ("Intelligent" function)
            • wireless remote control
            • full personalization (shape, colors, materials)
            • wheels for moving on flat surfaces (Retro, Deco)
            Maximum height
            195 cm
            Permissible weight
            120 kg
            Dimensions in a sitting position
            85 x 114 x 101 cm (W x H x L)
            Dimensions in lying position
            85 x 80 x 171,5 cm (W x H x L)
            Carton dimensions
            90 x 85 x 190 cm (W x H x L)
            Seat width
            54 cm
            Avalaible colours
            leather or fabric: a wide range of colors, wood: walnut and oak
            90 kg
            Power consumption
            176 W
            < 58 dB
            • 24 months (individual clients)
            • 12 months (entrepreneurs)
            • On-site guarantee with access to the service technician
            • the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years
            • 5903641991094 (Deco)
            • 5903641991100 (Domo)
            • 5903641991117 (Retro)
            • 5903641991124 (Royal)
            • 5903641991131 (Vintage)
            This is the first massage chair that offers the possibility of complete personalization of the look. It can be used as a classic armchair for relaxation or a professional massage chair. Innovative, patented technologies provide an original massage that stands out from the rest. The chair can be controlled using a wireless remote control.

            Files to download

            User manual of massage chair Keyton H10 (PDF)

            Product card of massage chair Keyton H10 (PDF)

            Massage chairs models in .DWG format (ZIP)

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