Is it worth to use massage chair?

Massage chair worth using Rest Lords

We write a lot about functions of massage armchairs and their possibilities. This time we answer to basic and frequently asked question: Is it worth to use massage armchair? Information how cyclical massaging influences on our organism are in article below.

Basic advantages of massage in massage armchair

It’s not a secret that massage has many advantages. Each of us would mention at first better frame of mind or loosening tense muscles. Turns out that there are many more advantages and it’s good to realise how valuable for our organism is cyclical massaging. Everything is based on three basic advantages, which transfer positively on another advantages for our organism:

  • improving blood and lymph circulation,
  • muscle relaxation,
  • endorphins releasing.

Massage in massage armchair improves blood and lymph circulation in organism

One of basic advantage of massage in massage armchair is improvement of blood and lymph circulation in organism. It transfers to many positive aspects, which are:

  • Better muscle oxygenation. More efficient “transport” of oxygen stimulates regeneration after work or training. In this aspect systematic massaging will certainly improve physical condition of our body.
  • Better working of immune system. Thanks to cyclical session on massage armchairs we will strengthen our immune system.
  • Supporting detoxification process. Effective circulation  eases getting rid of toxins, carbon dioxide or free radical from blood “coming back” from organs to heart.
  • Helps in lowering blood pressure. Thanks to stimulating blood pressure, we deliver more oxygen and nutrients to organs an thereby support heart work.
  • Zero Gravity position is also here for a reason. Proper body position in massage armchair has also good influence on earlier mentioned aspects.

The Zero-Gravity position is also irrelevant. The proper positioning of the body in the massage chair also has a beneficial effect on the already mentioned aspects.

The use of massage on the massage chair affects the relaxation of muscles

Taking advantage of massage in massage armchair definitely influences on loosening muscles and transfers on another positive aspects:

  • Eliminates muscle aches and tensions. Massaging muscles, especially after day spent behind the desk or the wheel loosens tense muscles, eliminates discomfort and pain, thereby bringing relief.
  • Alleviates muscles and joint stiffness. Lack of exercise is common reason of limited ability to performing simple, routine activities. Applying massage adrenalizes muscles and increases emission of synovial fluid, which protects joints from friction. Improving joints mobility and stretching muscles will influence on condition and improve range of motion.
  • Accelerates regeneration after injuries caused by sport. Massage is an excellent “supporter” to physiotherapy or rehabilitation. Actually, most of rehabilitation programs is based on acupressure or massage of deep tissues.

Massage in massage armchair increases level of released endorphins

Better frame of mind is effect of better organism condition, but during massage we release billions of endorphins, which additionally energize our organism. Their proper level in organism has many advantages, for example:

  • Reduces feeling of pain and helps to mitigate migraine pain. It is proved that applying massage might be non-invasive alternative to paracetamol and other medicines.
  • Supports us in dealing with stress. Improves self-esteem, giving you feeling that you are taking care of your body and frame of mind.
  • Helps with fear management and healing from depression. Massage lowers level of cortisol simultaneously increasing level of dopamine, what will fructify with better mood and will react against depression.
  • Enables to deeply relax body and soul. We can shut off our thoughts and moves for a while, give yourself up to incredibly relaxing massage.

Massage armchair – is it worth it?

Everybody has to answer this question by himself. Let’s point out that many ailments mentioned above can be solved by different types of medicine, but is it really the way to deal with those ailments? Technique how to naturally protect organism from different problems was already discovered thousands of years ago. Sometime we envy Asians such good health state and longevity. Asians achieve it thanks to healthy lifestyle, taking care of organism and also by applying massage. Asians know how important he is, it’s inscribed in their culture. They apply massage whenever they are able to, developed thousand ways of performing it and massage armchairs are basic furniture in their houses. Obviously massage armchair isn’t the whole knowledge about Chinese medicine in a nutshell, but used cyclically, prophylactically, for relaxation and to protect from troubles ahead turns out to be incredibly useful and effective device. Let’s not forget about comfort that we benefit from using it in our own house, any time day or night, Sundays and holidays including.

First step is behind us. Now think, how to bring spouse around to buying massage armchair ;) In further part, our articles will help You to find perfect place for massage armchair and which one should You choose.