iRest Easyq vs Massaggio Bello 2 – comparison of massage chairs


This time we present you with a comparison of two compact massage chair models, the iRest Easyq (A166) and the Massaggio Bello 2. Though they might seem similar at first glance, there are differences between them that can constitute an advantage of one over the other, read on to find out more.

Advantages of iRest Easyq (A166) over Massaggio Bello 2

The 2022 iRest Easyq (A166) Massage Chair is all about the alluring simplicity of massage. It is the most compact iRest chair available in our range and offers a comprehensive full-body massage.

More automatic programmes – the iRest Easyq (A166) has as many as 8 automatic programmes, while the Massaggio Bello 2 offers 3.
Air massage zone – the iRest Easyq chair (A166) is able to massage the calves, feet and thighs, while the Massaggio Bello 2 chair does not have the option of foot massage.
Foot massage – the iRest Easyq model (A166) is equipped with airbags and foot massage rollers (which is unique in this category of massage chairs), such a feature is not available in the Massaggio Bello 2 model.
Heating – this feature available in the iRest Easyq chair (A166) promotes gentle de-stressing. Upon reaching the back, the heat increases the comfort derived from the massage; the Massaggio Bello 2 chair design does not include such a function.
Magnetotherapy – this feature present in the iRest Easyq (A166) contributes to the regeneration of cells and influences their overall condition. This function is not available in the Massaggio Bello 2.
Voice control – the iRest chair (A166) sets itself apart from the Massaggio Bello 2 by offering the possibility of easy control not only with the panel, but also by using voice commands.

Advantages of Massaggio Bello 2 over iRest Easyq (A166)

Massaggio Bello 2 was introduced in 2019. In short: a soothing massage in a compact design. Actually, it has enjoyed undiminished popularity among our customers since the very beginning.

Greater number of massage techniques – the Massaggio Bello 2 offers as many as 6 massage techniques, the iRest Easyq chair (A166) comes with 5.
Additional functionalities – the Massaggio Bello 2 chair is equipped with a rotating calf massager which can act as a regular footrest, this function is not available in the iRest Easyq (A166).
Price – the Massaggio Bello 2 massage chair is significantly more affordable, yet it is equipped with technologies such as Zero Gravity and SL-shape – making it the first in this class of massage chairs.

The quality of the construction and design are also worth pointing out, as they are of the highest standard in both chairs. The chairs are available in timeless colour combinations, making them an ideal choice for most interiors. Best of all – their compact size means that the chairs will fit perfectly in both a large living room and a small bedroom.

We hope that the above comparison will prove helpful to you and make it easier to choose the massage chair of your dreams. You’ll find the individual features and capabilities of each chair on their respective product pages- iRest Easyq (A166) and Massaggio Bello 2. If you have any further questions after reading our post, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2023.01.26

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