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With this article we continue a series of detailed comparisons of the functions and capabilities of our massage chairs. One of the most frequently chosen armchairs, i.e. Massaggio Esclusivo and Massaggio Eccellente, very often compete with each other for the client’s consideration. There are more differences than price and appearance between these two modern models with complex whole-body massage. You can read about them in this article.

The advantage of the massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo over Eccellente

The advantage of Esclusivo massage chair is not great in numbers, but each of these advantages is very important and has a significant impact on the feeling of relaxation and comfort. 

  • L-shape in a range of 132 cm. In this model, the massage arms move along the L-shaped guide bar on the longest section, i.e. from the neck to the entire spine, passing through the buttocks to the thighs. It is a very pleasant and relaxing massage. It is worth noting that this is a massage of the body parts, which are considered to be intimate and are rarely given into the hands of masseurs. Eccellente massage chair also has this system, but it only massages from the neck to the upper parts of the buttocks.
  • Foot roller massage. A tremendous difference that incredibly relaxes feet. The roller system used here intensively massages the foot from the sole effectively relieving tension. You can feel as if dozens of fingers are pressing your foot from underneath at the same time. The rollers are supported by airbags, which press the foot down and ensure muscle contraction. Eccellente armchair is not equipped with a roller massage system so feet are massaged with airbags.
  • There are also less significant differences:
    • Legs stretching. During the automatic programme, the massage chair will make the airbags grip the calves and feet while gently and intuitively lowering the footrest. This gives the muscles a stretching effect
    • Folding out of separate backrest and footrest. You can separately adjust the position of the leg massager and the angle of the backrest tilt. This is a small difference, but it allows you to find your own comfortable position for the massage. 
    • Shoulder massage cushions. They ensure the contraction of the arm muscles and “hold” your position during the neck massage.
    • Esclusivo is slightly larger…

Advantage of the Massaggio Eccellente massage face Esclusivo

  • no … :) And no … but it will be – it is cheaper :-) For people who do not need such advanced features as Esclusivo, it will be a great choice. It also has a different design, but it’s obviously a matter of taste.

We hope that this article will be useful when you compare the massage chairs and make a decision. A detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the massahe chairs can be found on Massaggio Esclusivo lub Massaggio Eccellente product pages. If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us

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Published: 2018.05.17

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