Bodyfriend Phantom Care vs iRest Brillactiq (A665) – comparison of massage chairs


Bodyfriend Phantom Care and iRest Brillactiq (A665) – both massage chairs have a futuristic, modern look and use a range of advanced features. So, what are the differences between the chair that has been recently added to our range and the one that customers already know so well? Keep on reading for more information in the article below.


The Phantom Care massage chair is a state-of-the-art, high-tech model from the Korean brand Bodyfriend, the leader in the medical industry. What are the features of this model?

  • A specialised neck massage to relieve tension and pain – thanks to the stabilisation of the neck and head on the innovative headrest, the use of the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and dedicated massage programmes.
  • Phantom Care and iRest Brillactiq have different massage systems: Care runs on the XD system – the module recognises the position of the arms and adjusts the intensity in real time – and this can be further adjusted manually on a 5-point scale. Brillactiq, on the other hand, offers massage in 4D technology, i.e. with adjustable intensity and variable massage speed.  Each massage session in either chair is preceded by a detailed scan.
  • Beyond magnetotherapy – Phantom Care uses PEMF – pulsed electromagnetic field. This system is positioned between the balls of the massager and moves along the line of the spine. Magnetic fields have also been applied to the soles of the feet and hands. Combined with classical massage techniques, it has the effect of improving muscle relaxation and regeneration, as well as pain relief. In the Brillactiq chair, magnetotherapy is present in the back area. 
  • Dedicated automatic programmes to support emotional balance and improve brain activity. The health-promoting massage programmes are attested by a Korean medical certificate. Brain Music technology is also worth mentioning, as it plays music and sounds at different frequencies to relax the mind and put you in a positive mood.
  • 32 automatic massage programmes, while the iRest has 20 of them.
  • 7 airbag massage zones – calves, back, forearms, shoulders, feet, thighs and buttocks. Brillactiq – calves, forearms, shoulders and feet.
  • The advantage is also evident when it comes to the number of airbags. Phantom Care has 59 of them, while Brillactiq comes with 40.
  • In addition to the classical roller foot massage and airbags around the calves, the Phantom Care introduces a unique roller calf massage. 
  • Hand and foot acupressure to improve circulation.
  • Safety – Anti Trap sensor, which protects against trapping.


The Brillactiq is one of iRest’s top-of-the-range massage chairs. What makes it unique and sets it apart from Phantom Care?

  • iRest has 11 massage techniques, Phantom Care has 6.
  • Both chairs recline to the Zero Gravity position, but it must be stressed that the Brillactiq has a split iOpen linear guide that allows it to recline to an almost horizontal (Flat) position. This in turn results in greater stretch for the back and spine. The Phantom Care doesn’t feature this split linear guide, making it impossible to recline to the Flat position, however, full-body stretch is achieved using a sequence of leg massagers, airbags and massaging arms.
  • The massaging arms in both chairs operate in SL-Shape (from neck to thighs), but in Brillactiq the massage distance is longer – 135 cm, in Care it is 130 cm.
  • The heating used in the iRest Brillactiq acts on the back and – thanks to a special heating pad – on the torso. Phantom Care offers heating for the back only. Both chairs use a carbon mat for heating.
  • Touchscreen, handy built-in panel and voice recognition – Brillactiq has an intuitive touchscreen that allows you to configure specific massage parameters. On top of that, there is a handy built-in panel on the left side, which lets you control the chair’s basic functionalities. For even more convenient use, the massage chair comes with voice recognition system – by using the appropriate commands, you can select your favourite functions and adjust them to your liking. The Phantom Care is controlled with a conventional remote control.
  • Health Detection System is a unique function – Brillactiq selects an appropriate automatic programme to suit the user’s current body condition: thanks to its special sensor, the chair checks oxygenation, pulse and blood microcirculation and on these grounds determines the level of fatigue.
  • Storage of custom programmes – Brillactiq allows two personal programmes to be stored in its memory. Phantom Care doesn’t have this function.
  • Both chairs are highly technologically advanced and offer additional features that improve comfort. These include Zero Wall (in Phantom Care it is Auto Slide) – when reclining, the chair automatically moves away from the wall and requires less space to recline completely.  Both the iRest and Bodyfriend models come equipped with Bluetooth speakers so that you can play your favourite music during massage session.

In our range, the Bodyfriend Phantom Care is available in white, beige and green, while the iRest Brillactiq has two variants: graphite-black and beige. We hope you find our article informative and that it will help you choose an ideal massage chair for you. However, if there are any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2023.11.30

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