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Bodyfriend brand originating from South Korea is the world’s leader operating within the medical industry, specializing in the production of technologically advanced designer devices, primarily massage chairs, which have just been added to our product range! 

South Korea is among the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world. It comes as no surprise then that the Bodyfriend brand’s mission is to extend human life expectancy by 10 years.  The company believes that this goal is within reach and is continually developing its research and development facilities in order to make it happen. Today, this includes, among other things, more than 200 researchers, an in-house research laboratory, a design centre and a medical research centre. The idea behind the brand is to shape healthy habits, lifestyles and promote well-being. The use of Bodyfriend chairs is intended to directly support both mental and physical well-being of the user.

Over the years, the company has introduced and patented innovative technologies that have been recognised by renowned institutions and honoured in industry competitions. Bodyfriend massage chairs earned awards including the 2022 Korea Luxury Brand Grand Prix and were recognised by the jury of the annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products – the CES 2021 Innovation Awards

Korean massage chairs are loved by fans all over the world. One of our ambitions is to offer the best product range on the market – and that certainly includes the Bodyfriend brand, which has just been added to the list of chairs we officially distribute

We begin with the launch of two exceptional massage chairs: Phantom Care and Phantom Rovo.

Phantom Care

Massage Chairs Bodyfriend Phantom Care

The full-body massage technology used in these chairs transforms the massage chair into a device which is certified as Korean medical equipment. This model operates comprehensively, but is particularly recommended for people who struggle with neck muscle pain. On the one hand, for people who work for extended periods of time in the same position – with little physical activity (e.g. people who spend long hours in front of a computer or on smartphone), on the other hand, for people who are very physically active and who are susceptible to overloading certain parts of their muscles. People for whom this chair is recommended also include parents caring for small children – every parent knows the pain in the back emerging after carrying their child in their arms or bending down to pick up scattered toys and blocks ;)

Among other things, a Bodyfriend’s original Care mode is available in this massage chair. Programmes such as Brain Massage or Mental Massage aim at unwinding the preoccupied mind. What is unique about this chair is the use of a special forehead band, which is designed to stabilise the head during the massage and, through the massage itself, relieve pain and relax the muscles around the neck and back. The XD PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) module moves along the line of the spine (neck, waist, back, lumbar area up to the tailbone) and relieves discomforting muscle pain.. 

We can’t forget the airbag massage offered here (59 airbags), which acts also around the feet and can be used in pressure and pulsation modes. The chair has an auto-adjusting footrest extension option, which allows for precise adjustment to the user’s height. Acupressure of the feet is carried out here in three stages, through a gradual massage of the massage rollers

Automatic scan of the entire body, during which the massager moves from top to bottom, scanning the body in real time to adjust the position of the rollers, results in a refined yet gentle massage. When using the Phantom Care chair, you can freely choose between 5 levels of massage intensity. 

Carefree use will be ensured here by a built-in sensor to prevent slamming (Anti-Trap Sensor). In addition, the chair has functions that are generally known, i.e. stretching, Zero Gravity, heating or Zero Wall and many, many more! 

Phantom Rovo 

Massage Chairs Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo

At first glance, this massage chair stands out due to its independent leg massagers. When constructing the model, the engineers were inspired by the movement performed when riding a bike. Here, each leg moves separately, allowing for an entirely new range of movement and excellent, asymmetrical stretching. This makes it possible to relieve the deep muscles, which was not possible with the leg massagers that are generally available and which move together.

The XD PRO module and the Finger Moving technology used here allows for an increased, more accurate range of movement of the massaging balls deep into the body, with an increment of 1.25 mm, which imitates the movement of a masseur’s fingers perfectly. Favorites Mode is a functionality that ensures the massage chair will store up to 8 favourite modes and personalised settings. 

Three independent components are responsible for providing heating in this chair. The first is the heating system integrated into the massaging balls. The second is the warming mats for the back and calves. The last element is the heated foot massage rollers, allowing for a warm acupressure massage. 

The airbag massage here is performed by as many as 87 airbags, which, as in the model described above, work in both pressure and pulsation modes

The chair comes equipped with 15 safety sensors to detect unwanted objects within the movement zones of individual chair parts. The sensors also serve as protection against overheating or power failure. In the chair, we can find such features as Zero Wall, Zero Gravity, Bluetooth speakers and a remote control holder – built into the armrest.

More details and a complete set of information on the latest models will be available in August.

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Published: 2023.07.14

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