The history of massage chairs is the story of Fujiiryoki

Massage chairs history

These massage chairs are said to be like Royce Rolls among cars. Fujiiryoki combines prestigious quality, Japanese precision and over fifty years of tradition as the world’s first manufacturer of massage chairs. 

The first massage chair

The world’s first massage chair still works when plugged in! Nobuo Fujimoto, while working in a public bath, was looking for a way to relax the guests coming there even more. In 1954, he designed the first massage chair in the world from useless materials that he found, things such as pieces of wood, baseball balls and bicycle chains. The chair was not used in private homes, as is the case today, but in public baths or holiday resorts. This unique, first project, which can still be seen today at the Osaka factory, was included in the list of machines that have had a significant impact on the development of mechanical engineering in Japan in 2014.

JP1000 – prestige without compromise

After the success of the first massage chair, the work on the improvements began. Another innovative (during that period) kneading functions were added. In 1979, the technique of patting appeared, a few years later rolling, and in the 1990s the first airbag massage was applied. After the year 2000, the chairs were equipped with, among others, 3D massage and heating. 

Today, Fujiiryoki brand, associated with advanced technology and excellent workmanship quality, is by far the world’s highest level of massage chairs. Although it has been operating for several dozen years, it has been available on the Old Continent only for a dozen or so years. The last and most exclusive model of the Japanese inventor is JP1000. Equipped with technological innovations, such as an excellent scanning system, deep muscle massage or 3D massage, JP1000 has become the most advanced model in the world that precisely adjusts the massage and effectively relaxes by relieving tension and relaxing muscles. At this point, it is crucial to mention that this chair is one of the few to have obtained a Japanese medical equipment certificate, while the procedures for granting it are really demanding. This model has not only a relaxing application, but is also perfect for rehabilitation.

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