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How massage chairs recline Rest Lords

Most people associate massage with lying down. And there is nothing strange about it, because this is how it is most often performed in massage parlours. However, the traditionally understood lying is not always required for successful massage. The massage in massage chairs is performed in several different positions. Of course, there are chairs that enable massage in a lying position, there are models that are fixed in one position and those that feature a retractable footrest only. Read this article and find out how the massage chairs can be adjusted and how this affects the massage. 


There are massage chairs available on the market which do not recline and in which the massage is performed exclusively in a sitting position. These are compact models that provide users with basic massage and can easily fit into any room thanks to their fixed design. Such a chair (for example Massaggio Piccolo in our offer) is frequently the only choice for those who lack sufficient space. Another example are chairs with a backrest in a fixed position, but with a retractable footrest. Back massage is performed in a sitting position, while legs tired after a long day can be stretched out and you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasantly relieving massage. 


This is definitely the most common massage position in massage armchairs. Horizontal position - i.e. lying , where the backrest is lowered and the footrest intended for the massage of the legs is raised. Of course, at any time during the unfolding process, you can stop it by choosing the position most convenient for you to enjoy the massage. It should be remembered, however, that the more lying the position, the more intense the massage is. For example, the Massaggio Conveniente can be reclined to this position, where the footrests can also be adjusted to match the chair to your height. 

Zero Gravity

Considered to be the most comfortable massage position, which slowly but surely is starting to push out the horizontal position from the market. Zero Gravity is a natural body position that resembles tilting on a rocking chair. In this position, the knees are raised to the height of the heart, and the angle between the torso and thighs is about 125 degrees. It is said that this position has been scientifically confirmed by NASA researchers (hence its name), which we accept with a dose of scepticism. This does not change the fact, though, that massage in such a position allows for a precise massage of the back muscles, is also really pleasant and extremely relaxing and the joints are unburdened the most. So far, Zero Gravity has only appeared in the most complex and advanced chairs, such as Massaggio Stravagante or Esclusivo, but there are now compact models like Massaggio Bello 2 that feature this technology. 

As you can see, each of the ways of reclining a massage chair has its advantages. If you already know which one suits you best, take a look at our product portfolio, and if you have any questions afterwards, feel free to contact us


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