Massage in a massage chair vs. one performed by a massage therapist

Massage chair and massage therapist

Massage chairs perform their function with massage arms that imitate the movement of the hands of a professional massage therapist. As a result, they are often compared to the services offered by massage parlours. Therefore, when faced with the decision to buy a massage chair, we often wonder whether such a massage can successfully substitute weekly visits to the masseur or physiotherapist. Will it be able to effectively relieve the accumulated tensions, provide perfect and pleasant relaxation? Or maybe it will also work well in alleviating more serious ailments. In the following article you will read about how the massage in a massage chair and the one performed by a massage therapist differ from each other, about their advantages and disadvantages.

When to choose a massage performed by a massage therapist? 

Massage performed with a human hand will certainly differ from the one received in a massage chair. Although the massage chair imitates the movements of a masseur, only a human professional is able to assess health of the person who came for the massage. First of all, a professional takes history, knows about all the ailments and can choose the ideal massage for the patient according to the information available. A masseur has wide knowledge and experience, which the CPU of the massage chair has not been able to acquire and use yet.

When comparing the massage performed by a massage therapist and a massage chair, it is worth highlighting the difference between the therapeutic, preventive and relaxing massage. 

Therapeutic massage performed by a massage therapist

A typical therapeutic massage is best left to professionals. In case of injuries, serious injuries, degenerative changes or changes in the structure of the spine you should opt for the massage performed in a clinic. Therapeutic massage is also perfect after surgeries or procedures to restore full fitness and good condition of the body, if there are no medical contraindications, of course. We can always ask the question whether the massage in a massage chair is going to be a good complement to therapy carried out by a massage therapist. Certainly, the use of a massage chair could positively affect the overall fitness of the body, but it should always be first consulted with a doctor, physiotherapist or massage therapist. 

Preventive massage in a massage chair 

The massage chair, on the other hand, will perfectly handle temporary complaints resulting from everyday life, lifestyle or type of work. Precise work of the massage arms, airbags and in some chairs also the foot massage rollers will remove tension, massage muscles and pleasantly relax. Additionally, in more advanced models, the possibility of using an appropriate automatic program and directing the massage arms to a specific spot will allow you to massage those parts of the body that need to be relieved. 

Therefore, the massage chair should be used primarily preventively, to prevent the development of serious degenerative changes in time or simply improve the fitness and improve its mobility, it is worthwhile to introduce the massage into your daily routine. An indication for preventive use of a massage chair are, for example, occurring spinal pains caused most often by specific lifestyle or connected to our age. Prolonged sitting for many hours and, on the other hand, frequent and intensive workouts are considered to put the greatest strain on the spine. Massage strengthens the muscles near the spine, stimulates them to work and increases their mobility. The massage chair also prevents the recurrence of neuralgia, which can make everyday life really difficult. 

Relaxing massage in a massage chair or in a massage parlour? 

Nevertheless, the most pleasant purpose of massage is definitely rest and relaxation. Apart from a huge impact on the human body, it also affects the psyche. Naturally, a typical relaxing massage can be performed by a professional massage therapist, but in this case, a massage chair will also work well. 

Through the use of carefully developed relaxing techniques, a massage chair fully supports handling stress and allows you to relax both the body and the mind. Soothing and relaxing massage sessions calm down and provide comfort, help in the struggle with everyday responsibilities, stressful work or the multitude of chores at home. And in line with our motto ‘Your well-being is all that matters here’, a massage in a massage chair improves the mood perfectly. Better mood is the result of endorphins being, the awareness that we have done something for ourselves and the overall, better physical shape. 

So… which massage should i choose? 

As you can see, both the massage in a massage chair and the massage performed by a massage therapist have their advantages. The therapeutic massage should always be performed by a person qualified to do so, while for prevention and relaxation the massage chair will be perfect, and can even be more beneficial. 

While performing massage, a massage therapist most often uses slow movements with anti-stress or calming effect. For many people, however, the massage turns out to be too delicate, and stroking or rubbing is not enough to reduce muscle tension or the level of stress. Massage in a massage chair, though, does not resemble stroking, it involves strong, precise, but at the same time gentle movements acting simultaneously in multiple places on the body. 

Moreover, unlike a massage therapist, the massage chair is available on demand and at any time. It can be of great significance in the struggle against permanent stress or insomnia. Imagine you come back from work after a stressful day and then you have to go to a massage therapist, who is available only once a week anyway. This is not conducive to relaxation, is it? However, you can have a massage in a massage chair every day and whenever you want it. In the morning, right after you get up, when you return home or when you are preparing to go to sleep. Whenever there is such a need. 

And finally, one more thing. Some people feel uncomfortable when somebody massages certain parts of their body, for example buttocks :-) Massage armchairs with L-shape system come in handy here. 

If any questions have arisen while reading our article, feel free to contact us. And if you want to take care of your health and relaxation, take a look at our offer and choose your own massage chair.