Is it worth using massage chair?

Massage chair worth using Rest Lords

We write a lot about the functions of massage chairs and about the possibilities of their use. This time, we return to the basic and often asked question: Is it worth using a massage chair at all? You will learn about the effect of a cyclic massage on our body by reading this article.

Basic advantages of massage on massage chairs

There is no secret knowledge that massage has many advantages. Each of us would remember even better mood or loosening of tense muscles. However, it turns out that the advantages of these are much more and it is worth realizing how valuable for our body is the periodic use of massage. Everything comes from three fundamental benefits, which further positively translate into further benefits for our body:

  • improving blood and lymph circulation,
  • muscle relaxation,
  • endorphin release.

Massage on the massage chair improves blood circulation and lymph circulation in the body

One of the fundamental advantages of massage on the massage chair is the improvement of blood and lymph circulation in the body. This translates into a number of positive aspects, which are:

  • Better muscle oxygenation. A more efficient “transport” of oxygen significantly accelerates recovery after work or training. In this aspect, the systematic use of massage will certainly improve the physical condition of our body.
  • Improved immune system. Thanks to cyclical sessions on massage chairs, we will strengthen the natural immune shield of our body.
  • It supports the detoxification process. Appropriately efficient circulation, facilitates the disposal of toxins, carbon dioxide and free radicals from the blood “returning” from the organs to the heart.
  • Efficient weight loss factor. By improving blood circulation, we also regulate our metabolism. Of course, massage is not a wonderful way to lose weight, but it will definitely help you with the right diet and exercise.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure. By stimulating blood circulation, it’s easier to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the organs, thereby making it easier for the heart to work.

The position Zero-Gravity is also irrelevant. The proper positioning of the body in the massage chair also has a beneficial effect on the already mentioned aspects,

Using a massage on a massage chair affects the relaxation of muscles

Massage on the massage chair, especially the one performed with massage arms, has a positive effect on muscle relaxation, and further translates into further positive aspects:

  • Eliminates tension and muscle pain. Massaging the muscles, especially after a day at the desk or steering wheel, relaxes tense muscles, eliminates discomfort and pain, bringing incredible relief.
  • Helps ease the stiffness of joints and muscles. Lack of exercise is a common reason for limited ability to perform simple, routine activities from everyday life. The use of massage stimulates the muscles to work and increases the secretion of synovial fluid, which protects the joints from friction. Improvement of joint mobility and stretching of muscles will significantly affect the condition and improve the range of movement.
  • Accelerates regeneration after sport-related injuries. Massage is a great “helper” for physiotherapy or rehabilitation. In fact, most of the rehabilitation programs for athletes are based on acupressure or deep tissue massage.

Massage on the massage chair raises the level of released endorphins

Better well-being is the effect of a better body condition, but with the massage we release billions of endorphins that additionally stimulate our body. Their corresponding level in the body also translates into another list of positives:

  • Decreased pain perception, also helps relieve migraine pain. It has been proven that the use of massage can be a non-invasive alternative to paracetamol and other drugs.
  • It also supports us in coping with stress. It improves self-esteem, giving the feeling of doing something for yourself, taking care of your own body and your own well-being.
  • Helps to manage anxiety and treat depression. Massage reduces cortisol levels while increasing the level of dopamine, which will result in better mood and counteract depression.
  • It allows deep relaxation of body and mind. We can turn off our thoughts and actions for a moment, give our body a very relaxing massage.

Massage chair – is it worth it?

Everyone can answer this question must answer himself. Let us note that many of the above ailments may solve various types of drugs, but is this way? A thousand years ago a way was discovered how to naturally protect the body from various types of problems. Sometimes we envy Asians with such good health or longevity. This is due to a healthy lifestyle, taking care of the body and applying massage. Asians know how important it is, it’s part of their culture. They use it whenever possible, they have developed thousands of ways to do it, and massaging armchairs are for them an obvious home furnishing. Of course, the massage chair is not a materialization of the full knowledge of Chinese medicine (or general Asian), but used cyclically, prophylactically, for relaxation and to protect yourself from future problems turns out to be an extremely useful and effective device. Let us not forget about the comfort that the use of its possibilities in our own home gives us, at any time of the day or night.

The first step is behind us. Now, think about how to convince your spouse or wife ;-) In the following, our articles will help you find a place in your home and decide which chair to choose.