How to take care of massage armchair’s upholstery?

Zestaw czyszczący do tapicerki

If You already have your massage armchair, it’s good to know how to nurse it. How to take care of its upholstery to make it look brand new. In Rest Lords we have special preparations for massage armchairs’ maintenance.

Quality of massage armchairs’ upholstery

Artificial leather used in massage armchairs is doing much better than natural leather. Apart the fact that animals weren’t used to produce her, this leather has proper thickness, endures working of massaging arms, which are stretching her, copes with infrared heating and is properly protected from wipe-downs. It doesn’t resemble crumbling and cracking pleather. This is completely different class of materials.

Cleaning massage armchairs’ upholstery

To keep upholstery clean, all You need to do is to use preparation that is included in kit. Working of this cleaner consists in chemical softening of accumulated dirt thus scrubbing surface isn’t advised. Proper procedure is to wait for preparation to come into reaction with dirt.

Massage armchairs’ upholstery maintenance

Polish, beautiful-looking leather and protection from dirt will be achieved by putting on preparation for massage armchairs’ upholstery maintenance. His protective effect is based on creating invisible barrier, which stops dirt caused by everyday use. It also delays penetrating by aggressive substances, like salt, acidic compounds, coming from human sweat or dyes from jeans fabric.

Depending on frequency of using, massage armchair maintenance should be done at least once every six months. If You want your massage armchair to look good for many years, think about buying massage armchairs’ leather upholstery maintenance kit.