How to change bad habits and eliminate back pain?

Back pain and massage chair

The pain in your back, spine, neck or nape is probably one of the most frequently reported ailments. Although they can sometimes be caused by injuries, illnesses or impairments, they are most frequently caused by bad habits, often developed over the years. So for the most part it is enough to make small, new changes to get rid of the pain, such as a healthy diet, the right position to work at a desk or a regular massage, for example, in a massage chair. So read about how to change bad habits and keep your spine in good shape in the following article. 

Sit comfortably

More and more companies, especially in the period of the #STAYHOME period, when it is essential not to travel, make it possible for their employees to work remotely. However, if it is not feasible to create an ergonomic workplace at home, it will not promote the health and well-being of the spine. So if you work at a table, sitting on a couch or on a balcony, you assume the incorrect position, and staying motionless for a long time can cause backache. Therefore, just like in an office, it is worth leaving your desk for a while and introducing some new habits. Choose exercises and stretching, a massage in a massage chair can also be helpful. The movement of the massage arms will bring relief, relax and strengthen tense muscles and relieve tired spine. Pomodoro technique can be very helpful here. In short, 20-25 minutes of work with full concentration and a 5-minute break with leaving your desk. After 3-5 such cycles there is a longer break lasting 15-20 minutes. Ideal for a session in a massage chair :-) You can find plenty of Smartphone apps to support this technique by timing the intervals and reminding about breaks. There are also physical timepieces available, mostly in the shape of …a tomato :-)

Sleep well

A good mattress with the right degree of hardness plays an important role in the hygiene of healthy sleep. However, like everything else, mattresses wear out over time, so it is important to replace them regularly. In a worn out mattress, depressions often develop and damage the spine, causing aching sensations especially when you wake up. In addition to proper sleep hygiene and regular exercise, which also has a huge impact on the quality of falling asleep, it is worth supporting yourself with a massage in a massage chair. After getting up from bed, it is advisable to select programs with stretching elements, which will gradually awaken the body and provide energy for the coming day. However, directing the movement of the massage arms to a specific part of the body will allow you to gently massage the sore spots after sleep.

Get moving

Physical activity plays an important role in the prevention of backache. Apart from assuming the wrong position at work, a sedentary lifestyle is typically responsible for back pain. The absence of any activity results in the muscles not being used properly and the spine getting overloaded. Carefully selected exercises performed regularly will help to alleviate backache, keep you fit, but also strengthen the muscles that take part in maintaining the correct posture. After the workout it is recommended to regenerate muscles and restore strength and energy by using a massage chair and programs for sore muscles.

Wear comfortable shoes

Walking in high heels is one of the most common causes of women’s back problems. Wearing high heeled boots or shoes that are not properly profiled on a daily basis forces the spine to bend in the lumbar region and constantly work on maintaining balance, which leads to its overloading. To avoid this, it is worth choosing comfortable shoes with lower heels, and leave the high ones for special occasions. And men? Probably everyone has their favourite, worn-out boots. With them, on the other hand, there’s a problem that when they get overly worn out, they can cause the foot to misalign, which transfers tension to the spine. It is worth noting this, because it is the muscles around the spine that take over the load coming from the feet to balance the whole body. 


Although this might seem unlikely, the condition of the back is also affected by long-term stress. It causes muscle tension, which leads to neck and back pain. It is therefore extremely important to counteract the sources of stress and to ensure proper relaxation after a stressful day. You can hide under a blanket with a book and your favourite tea, make yourself a home spa or enjoy a massage in a massage chair. To reduce the level of everyday stress, you can use relaxation programmes which are based on techniques designed to relax and relieve muscle tension. Regular use of the massage chair will reduce the effects of stress and improve your overall well-being.

As you see, a small change of habits and the introduction of new ones, such as regular physical activity or a massage in the massage chair, can actually help in the fight against backache. However, do not underestimate the long-term pain and serious ailments – this requires specialist consultation with your doctor or a physiotherapist. However, the most important thing is to prevent instead of treating. So if you are thinking about a massage chair, have a look at our offer, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us