Fujiiryoki massage chair comparison

Fujiiryoki EC3800 vs Fujiiryoki EC2800

Two massage armchairs coming from the same Japanese family – Fujiiryoki EC3800 and EC2800. What are the differences between them? Is difference in price justified? You will get the answer while reading this article.

Fujiiryoki is mainly prestige without compromises. It’s the first in the world massage armchairs brand, which thanks to the experience and developed massage technologies can’t be compared to other brands on worldwide market. Highest quality of realization and advanced technology are features, which Fujiiryoki massage armchairs have. Both models – EC3800 and EC2800 – achieved such level of development, which became a model for other.

What are the differences between Fujiiryoki EC3800 and Fujiiryoki EC2800?

  • EC2800 and EC3800 have advanced spine line scanning systems, but more precise program called 3D Point Navigation System is in model EC3800. Backbone line scanning is much more precise, thanks to what massaging arms’ movements are perfectly fitted to spine curvature.
  • Both armchairs perform massage in 3D technology, but to EC3800 model fourth dimension has been added. It’s called 4D system and it additionally regulates massager movement speed. Thanks to this function fluency of massaging arms is more noticeable. Performed massage will be more pleasant and more relaxing.
  • EC3800 has 18 automatic programs and EC2800 has pre-programmed 10 programs. I think that the more automatic programs there are, the higher is convenience and comfort of using. All You need to do is to turn on one of programs, then massage armchair will perform 15-minute, adjusted to your needs, session. It will select proper massage techniques, place and speed of performance.
  • EC3800 has 734 configuration possibilities and EC2800 has 300 possible configurations. Although in both cases it’s impressive amount of options, in EC3800 there is 430 more of them. Such big amount of configurations enables You to discover another functions of massage armchair for a long time and massage will never be boring.
  • EC2800 has enlarged massaging rolls. It makes area of pressure on the back bigger and massage is more noticeable.
  • There are also differences in their look, but it’s a matter of taste. It’s worth to pay attention at interesting shapes of hand and leg massagers. Model EC3800 is the only armchair to have solution enabling inserting forearms from above and trigeminal footrest.

Summary of Fujiiryoki massage armchairs differences

In my opinion, definitely more comfortable is massage in Fujiiryoki EC3800 armchair. Seat and backrest is profiled, shape of hand and leg massager influences on bigger comfort, we have many massage possibilities, massage is performed more precisely and I have full control over it. On the other hand, EC2800 has more affordable price, which results from limiting amount of functions and lowering costs of manufacturing. Well, You can’t have everything…

It’s certain that both Fujiiryoki models are the top shelf of massage armchairs and massage quality, precision and quality of realisation are stunning.

If You haven’t decided yet, which armchair You will choose – test them during presentations. Those people, who already decided to buy the armchair are invited to placing an Order.

UPDATE March 2017
The EC2800 and EC3800 massage chairs were withdrawn from sale. See the latest model of the Japanese innovator of massage chairs – Fujiiryoki JP1000.