Armchair for spine massage

Massage chair for the spine

Many hours spent behind the desk, frequent car trips, not enough sport activity or inappropriate work place – those are our everyday problems. To prevent potential spine problems in the future and keep it in good physical condition as long as possible, it’s worth to change habits and have a healthy lifestyle. Massage armchair can also be helpful. But how? You will wind out how while reading this article.

Spine massage on massage armchair

Massage armchair can be used by almost everyone. It is not recommended to use massage armchair for people with spine injury, mechanical damage and degenerative diseases, which caused changes in body anatomy. More information about contraindications to massage was in article ‘Does massage on massage armchair have contraindications?’ Massage on massage armchair will ease pain but it will not heal those diseases. The main objective of massage on massage armchair is muscle relaxation and better frame of mind. Final result depends mostly on frequency of using and choosing proper massage technique. There are 5 techniques to choose. Breaking and clapping is used for muscles along the spine. Waving and rolling of massage arms close to spine is used to prepare muscles to stronger massages. The most popular technique is kneading. Circular moves on both sides of spine bring nutrients there, lower tension and reduce muscle aches.

Advantages of spine massage on massage armchair

Spine massage has many advantages, for example it makes your muscles relaxed and loosened up. But it has many more advantages. Massage starts from scanning. The armchair scans the spine, marks proper curvatures and adjusts to your height. Thanks to this, massage is perfectly adjusted to your spine.

One of the most important advantage of this massage is eliminating overstrains. Sitting position is the most exhausting for your spine. Pressure on lumbar spine can be up to 140 kilograms! That’s why most of massage armchairs can lean back to lying position and more advanced models have Zero Gravity function. Thanks to Zero Gravity position, in which knees are on the level of heart, it is possible to lighten not only our spine but also most of our joints – feeling very similar to weightlessness. In this position body is maximally loosened up and muscles are free from tension.

It’s good to focus on heating, which is used in many models. Heating with infrared beams is used to deeply warm up tissues, make your muscles even more loose and relieve muscle aches. Additionally, thanks to massage on massage armchair your body becomes elastic. Massage stretches and increases elasticity of muscles around spine. It has a relaxing effect, makes falling asleep easier, lowers stress level, muscles’ tension and joints’ stiffness.

Massage armchair vs other body parts

The simplest massage armchair relaxes and brings relief mainly to back muscles. Massage with massaging arms is important, but it’s not the only part of massage on armchair. Many models of massage armchairs offer also thigh, calf, foot or buttocks massage. Before purchasing the armchair it’s good to think which massage do we need the most. You know the best, which muscles you need to have massaged ;). Footrest, which is in almost every armchair is responsible for calf and foot massage. Massagers and rollers relax tired feet and make them as light as feather. There is also a function of air massage, led by air cushions. They can be almost in every massage zone but usually they are in calf, thigh or arm zone. Massage of the whole body not only eliminates tensions but also improves blood circulation, increases flow of oxygen and level of released endorphins. Automatic programs and techniques can be adjusted to your needs. One session will certainly make you feel relaxed, but regular massage sessions will ease your pains.

Uncomfortable body position during work, lack of sport activity, overweight and unhealthy lifestyle can cause potential problems in the future. It’s good to take care of yourself and your family and introduce healthy lifestyle. Massage armchair can be a great supplement, which relaxes our body. What’s more, it will take care of your spine by making your muscles loose, eliminating overstrains and tensions. More advantages of massage on massage armchair are in article “Is it worth to use massage armchair?” If you have any questions or doubts, contact us.