About Fujiiryoki massage armchairs

Massage chair Fujiiryoki

Fujiiryoki is a brand of massage armchairs, which exists on global market for several decades, but offers its products in Europe for less than twenty years. By providing incredibly precise massage and quality of realization, this brand gains trust of constantly increasing amount of people. More information about Fujiiryoki massage armchairs producer are in further part of this article.

Fujiiryoki – pioneer of massage armchairs production

Fujiiryoki is a worldwide pioneer in massage armchairs production. In 1954 Fujiiryoki created first in the world massage armchair. Prototype of present-day massage armchairs was created by Nobuo Fujimoto. It was made of wood and offered roll massage of backrest. Fun fact – this model still works when it is plugged in and is an attraction in Fujiiryoki factory in Osaka.

Nowadays Fujiiryoki massage armchairs are leaders on the market and in each new model apply new solutions, which translate directly on comfort, precision and quality of massage.

Powerful holding and massage armchairs manufacturer

Big Japanese company, which belongs to billionth Asahi Holding, is constantly setting actual trends of massage armchairs production. Massage armchairs are only part of giant holding, which hires nowadays more than 2 000 employees. Despite great commercial range, Fujiiryoki keeps its values and traditions by offering perfectly manufactured massage armchairs.

For Asians, who use massage armchairs as often as we use TV, Fujiiryoki brand is a symbol of perfectly executed massage and highest quality of realization. If You want to test those products, order presentation of massage armchairs  EC3800 or EC2800. In Poland, they are available only in Rest Lords offer.

More about Fujiiryoki brand: http://www.fujiiryoki.com/eng/network/index.html


The EC2800 and EC3800 massage chairs were withdrawn from sale. See the latest model of the Japanese inventor of massage chairs – Fujiiryoki JP1000.

We also present a film showing the history of the Fujiiryoki brand and the latest JP1000 model: