100 articles on the massage chairs blog

100 articles massage chairs blog Rest Lords

We write all texts that appear on the blog ourselves. The author of most of the articles is me – Marta (it’s a pleasure!), but if necessary I also receive help from others. The greatest support is Paweł, who shares his knowledge about massage chairs and his experiences. Sometimes, if the subject requires it, we invite people from the outside to cooperate on texts, as for example in the case of the text about massage chairs in the gym

Where do we draw inspiration from?

For people who are not connected with this subject, it would seem that there is not much to write about massage chairs. Yet we have already written a hundred articles and we still have ideas for new ones. Where do we draw inspiration from? Many concepts are created during conversations with our customers – someone will ask for something or raise a topic that we wouldn’t have thought about before. In addition, we meet with manufacturers, factory representatives and material suppliers when we move around the world market of massage chairs. Discussions, exchange of experience and observations provide further ideas. And the rest is a mixture of our experience and creativity :-) 

Which article did you read most often?

Although our company has been dealing with massage chairs for 9 years, we have been working under Rest Lords brand since 2015. And it is from this moment that the texts appear on the blog. During this time you spent over 6300 hours on our blog – it’s almost a year of reading without a break! So far the most read article is “Does massage in massage armchairs have contraindications?”. However, you spent most of your time reading the text “Is it worth using a massage chair?” although the most extensive article “Which armchair to choose?” is also very popular. We also reveal that the text “Leather massage chairs” :-) did not win recognition of the readers. – You read it the least often. There are also several series of articles on the blog that are very popular, because they help you choose between Massaggio chairs or the exact representation of massage chairs in numbers.

We write about massage chairs

On our blog we took up various topics related to massage chairs. We started with the most basic issues. There were texts about how to use the massage chair, where it can be positioned, and then how to move it if necessary. We analysed on what the prices of massage chairs depend on and where the chairs are produced, and more precisely, whether they are produced in Poland. We also took up technical topics and described all the most important technologies used in massage chairs. You could find out what L-shape, Zero Gravity, Shiatsu and Zero Wall are and what leg massage or airbag massage look like. In a dozen or so articles we have included tips on how to massage in the massage chairs most effectively. We also mentioned at what age and how often you can massage, how to find a place for an armchair with massage or how to take care of its upholstery in the best way. A lot of space on the blog was devoted to the subject of the massage chair for the office. Business clients could learn how to create a relax room and how to use it, for example, for massage, a short nap, or to take care of the wellbeing of their employees and finally how to settle this in costs. 

We hope that our articles are helpful when choosing the perfect massage chair model. If there is something you would like to read about on the blog, and such an article has not appeared yet, please contact us, and we will certainly make up for it. Meanwhile, we begin to work on new products and we hope that soon we will invite you to our video blog… ;-)