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The Fujiiryoki brand of massage chairs has been present on the global market for several decades. In fact, it was in the factories of this brand that the world’s first massage chair was created, and later models have continued to dominate the market and win the trust of an ever-increasing number of customers. Below, Paweł tells us what has appealed to customers all over the world for many years now and what sets it apart from other models.

Pioneer of massage chair manufacturing

Fujiiryoki is the first brand in the world to develop a massage chair and put it into mass production. This first model was developed by Nobuo Fujimoto in 1954. After several attempts using boards, baseballs, bicycle chains or even handlebars, the “Fujiiryoki Automatic Massage Machine” was created. The prototype of today’s massage chairs was made of wood and offered only the kneading of the back. Interestingly, when plugged in, it still works and is one of the attractions of the Fujiiryoki factory in Osaka.

Powerful holding company and the manufacturer of massage chairs

Upon the creation of the first model, Nobuo Fujimoto established the Fujiiryoki Company in Hannamancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka as the ‘Fujiiryoki Workshop’. Nowadays, this large Japanese company, part of the billion-dollar Johnson Health Tech Group and Asahi Holding, is constantly at the forefront of setting trends in massage chair manufacturing and beyond. Massage chairs are part of the giant holding company, which currently employs more than 700 people. 

What’s important, despite its huge commercial reach, Fujiiryoki maintains its values and traditions, offering massage chairs of excellent design. Each successive model proposes new solutions that directly translate into comfort, precision and quality of massage. The company has also spread the unique ‘Japanese massage chair culture’ and has contributed to improving the lifestyle and health of many people.

Fujiiryoki brand here at Rest Lords

The Fujiiryoki brand has been available in our product range for many years now. We started with the EC1700 and EC3700 models, then there was the EC2800 and EC3800. Until a few years ago, however, the JP1000 was available for sale, which featured massage that combined more than 60 massage programmes, a precise scanning system and a fully relaxing deep muscle massage. We are now pleased to sell Fujiiryoki’s state-of-the-art chair, the JP2000. It is the first chair in the world to use the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for an even better reproduction of the movement of the human hand, and thus a more effective and relaxing massage.

If you are interested in the Fujiiryoki brand, take a look at our products. And if you are thinking about a top-of-the-range massage chair for yourself or would like to try one out, feel free to contact us.


Paul, I have heard something about Fujiiryoki. Please can you tell me something about it?

Yes, it is the oldest brand in the massage chair market and it comes with its own history.
Fujiiryoki were the first series of massage chairs to be launched in 1954. The founder Naubo Fujimoto used to sell cleaning components for bathhouses and wondered what could be done to improve relaxation sessions. He thought about the massage process wondering if a machine could do it and for the first prototype, Mr Naubo used baseballs, bicycle chains and even wheels. As production began it was surprising, that the price was 80,000 yen, which was approximately 30,000 dollars. Very few people could afford it, so they were reserved just for rich customers. It is interesting to think that today, most massage chairs cost less than they did in the 1950s.

The models that you have, look different. One is very modern and the other looks like an old school version?

Yes, we are currently the happy owners of a brand new Fujiiryoki JP2000 and the second-oldest massage chair in Fujiiryoki history – model A1, produced in 1965.
After more than 50 years since its production, it still works and gives a pleasant and effective massage. There is a wheel on the side, which you use to move the massage mechanism up and down. It’s quite a simple piece of equipment, using just two massage techniques, but it works really well.
The newest model is called JP2000 and is the high-end version and is currently the flagship massage chair from Fujiiryoki. It uses dozens of innovative features including the AI algorithm, sophisticated 5D massage systems, air massage systems, rollers on the feet and gives an extremely accurate and effective massage.

Wow, the differences are obvious, they have made huge progress.

The history behind massage chairs is an interesting one and covers a technological journey of almost 70 years. Today, Fujiiryoki has a reputation as one of the world’s leaders in massage chair production, from its first humble beginnings using a bicycle chain in 1954 to advanced models in the 21st Century.

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Published: 2023.07.06

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