7 arguments why a massage chair is great in the #stayathome time


#Stayathome… paradoxically, for some, finally a time of rest, for others, to put it mildly, a difficult time. We are certainly dealing with an unprecedented situation, which cannot be underestimated. Sitting at home, working in the home office system, changing the work environment and often taking care of children at the same time… this is certainly a new situation for most of us, which we have to adapt to. However, whatever we do in this situation and whatever occupation we have, the balance, both physical and mental, is extremely important. And what do you think can come in handy…? Yes! A massage chair!

1. If you can, work remotely

Start working remotely if the situation and type of work permits this. This will minimize the need to leave the house and thus the risk of contracting the illness. However, working from home is governed by its own rules, so it is worth remembering about proper work hygiene, such as keeping working hours, dressing every day – working in pyjamas is not always conducive to concentration, also remember to take breaks to recharge your energy and increase efficiency. Obviously… you also need to “do” something with your children, maybe not necessarily like Mr. Milton ;-). Just like in the office, it’s worth getting away from the desk, especially if it’s not possible to create an ergonomic workplace at home. And during the break, perhaps introduce elements of work out, stretching and massage; the latter can be enjoyed in a massage chair. Massage will relieve tired spine, remove stiffness from muscles and strengthen them – it simply relaxes anyone. Just a few minutes of massage brings relief, lowers the level of fatigue and boosts energy for further work. 

2. Take care of your development

Of course, you can spend the next few weeks on the couch, eating popcorn and watching TV :-) You can spend whole days at your computer playing new games. However, you can use this time very creatively, too, for example by working on new projects, putting your ideas that you never had time for into practice, and even investing in your personal development. There are many online courses, books and eBooks on the market that you can look into. Maybe it’s time to learn a foreign language, acquire new skills or obtain certificates you’ve always thought about. But in order to make learning as effective as possible after a few hours, it is worth taking a break and enjoy a massage in the massage chair. After a short massage or even a power nap, you will return to your duties full of strength and energy, and it will be much easier to take in new knowledge. 

3. Spend time with your family

As schools and kindergartens are closed and all children spend time at home, many parents are worried about how to spend this time so that the children don’t get bored and the parents themselves don’t lose all their energy at the end of the day. Many ideas have emerged, like fairy tales or colouring books, playing board games, reading books or preparing pancakes together. It is certainly worthwhile to appreciate the time spent with your family, after all, there is hardly any time for this, but it is also crucial to give yourself a moment to rest afterwards. So when the children go to bed and there is peace and quiet at home, there comes a time to relax and unwind. Before bedtime you can sit in your own massage chair, which provides a relaxing, extremely pleasant and soothing massage and replenishes your strength for the next day.

4. Work out and stay in shape

Closed gyms should not be an excuse. Although sitting at home is not in conducive to fitness, it is possible to stay in good shape. And what’s more, movement and training not only contribute to your well-being and health, but also enhance your immunity. There is a lot of training regimes available on the Internet – you can exercise like before if you attended a gym, but you can also dance, stretch, do yoga or pilates. And after a workout done on your own or online, you can enjoy a massage chair – as a pleasant soothing finishing touch to your workout. You deserve it. Just like after any physical activity, it’s worth taking care of muscle regeneration and muscle relaxation, oxygenation and vital energy recovery. This set is the essence of health.

5. Tidy up

Has this closet in the hallway been waiting for a couple of weeks to be tidied up? It would probably be useful to wash the windows, too, then iron the clothes and tidy the garden. There are also plenty of things in the wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore. Sitting at home is also a good time to make up for the postponement of cleaning, for example. And since tidying up, vacuuming, washing or cleaning can really get you tired, you’ll need to rest after such a busy day. And the best way to do that is… Yes, you got it, a massage chair :-)

6. Prepare a home spa

In the current situation characterized by overabundance of information, when we are receiving not necessarily good news that additionally intensifies stress and tension, taking care of ourselves becomes even more essential. So in order to take care of your inner peace, not to panic and deal with stress in a healthy way, it is worth finding a moment for yourself. A moment to unwind, rest, take a long bath or enjoy massage in a massage chair. In this situation, even a few minutes of relaxing massage will allow you to at least temporarily break away from problems, turn off your thoughts and relax your body and mind. It is an excellent aid in coping with stress. The effect of the massage arms improves your mood, reduces the feeling of anxiety and releases endorphins, which positively influence your mood.


Last item, but it seems to be the most significant at the moment. A massage chair can be an excellent solution for those who use the services of a massage therapist on a daily basis, but also for those who simply need to relax, want to take care of their fitness and immunity. It allows for a precise and incredibly pleasant massage in your own home, whenever you want and without any contact with another person. Additionally, it can be delivered safely, including the contact-free service.

Surely, the situation we find ourselves in is far from simple, but you can deal with it in many different ways. It seems extremely important, apart from a smile and a sensible approach, to find time for yourself between news, childcare or remote work. As you can see, massage in a massage chair can help you relax, detach yourself from your worries and restore your balance. So if you are thinking about a massage chair or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2020.03.19

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