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A multitude of matters, with new ones constantly coming in… until suddenly, you run out of batteries. This is a sign that you need to recharge them quickly! There is one, proven way for this, although in Poland it can still brings on mixed feelings – especially for some employers ;-) But if you are at home or work remotely… Daily relaxation in a special napping chair might turn out to be a good solution.


There won’t be less responsibilities anymore ;) How can you improve effectiveness of organism during the day? There are few techniques that You’re familiarized with already, for example cup of coffee (I personally love her), but I’m aware that another coffee in a row won’t work and drinking too much of this beverage isn’t healthy. Energy drinks, supposing that they work, it is short-time effect and also have terrible impact on heart and nervous system. Break in front of the television is only pseudo relaxation. Meditation helps a lot, but it isn’t easy and not everyone can meditate…

On the other hand, everybody can have a quick nap, which will regenerate body and soul. After quick energy nap You will surely feel relaxed and refreshed. With sharpened senses, better humour, energised, more concentrated and You also will be doing good for the rest of the day, will be able to think creatively again and do tasks more precisely. Such wide variety of advantages of nap is confirmed with researches, it’s worth to find 20 minutes during the day to have a quick nap. It won’t destroy any business or cause any arrears, but will make You spend your free time more effectively and unleash inner energy, which will support You in spending rest of the day productively.


Consider whether it’s worth taking advantage of the experiences of other nations? In the warmer part of our continent, we have siesta; across the western border, ein Schläfchen; in Japan (for readability, we’ll write in English :-)) they have power nap. In Sweden, they also know the importance of an energy nap, and its concept on massage chairs is being implemented by employers who create chillout relax rooms to minimize stress levels and increase creativity, encouraging employees to take breaks there.

About 7 hours of sleep a day is needed by each of us to function properly, however, most people see it as a waste of time and a certain luxury, so it’s also worth training yourself to apply rejuvenating, short naps and fully energize every day.


Properly applying the right nap is also a skill that needs to be developed to work correctly and bring about effects. The time for it can fall throughout the day, but no later than 3 hours before nighttime sleep. The ideal time, however, is around 13:30, when our work efficiency begins to decrease and a rejuvenating nap proves to be an essential regenerator. Accept the nap as part of your schedule and try to rid yourself of any guilt about it. Think of it as doing something for yourself to function more efficiently later in the day. For the nap to have the right effect, you must stay in the right phase of sleep, and here, just 15-20 minutes dedicated to it is enough. Silence your phone, start a gentle massage on the massage chair, close your eyes, and feel the energy returning to you…


Massage chair massaggio bello 2 menu swatches

Massaggio Bello 2

A compact model with 2D massage, which continuously enjoys popularity among our customers. It provides a relaxing, pleasant massage in the Zero Gravity position, which perfectly relieves joints and muscles. A relaxing massage from the neck down to the thighs is something needed after many hours spent at the desk!

iRest QL (A185)

A chair that’s impossible to take your eyes off: it looks like a classic lounge chair, but its interior hides a massaging mechanism, effectively easing tension points. A soft and cozy chair, featuring a unique reclining function and a separate footrest with adjustable height. Relaxation in the best style!

iRest QL (A185)

iRest Maesthron (A801)

iRest Maesthron (A801)

The most advanced iRest model offers a wide range of programs, including those that are successful during work breaks. Stress relief – a kneading massage of the neck and shoulders, easing tensions and lowering blood pressure; “Office Worker” – a program focuses on the neck, shoulders, and lumbar region, recommended especially for people spending time in a seated position. Independent, jade massage rollers, like the hands of professional masseurs, can take care of different body parts at the same time.

Bodyfriend Davinci

The Bodyfriend Davinci chair has massage programs dedicated to those suffering from stress (Brain Massage mode, programs: “Focus”, “Relaxation Training”, “Breathing Relaxation”). The combination of binaural sounds, music, affirmations, and massage modes allows for forgetting worries and peaceful rest.

Bodyfriend Davinci

Fujiiryoki JP3000 Gallery black swatch

Fujiiryoki JP3000

The Fujiiryoki massage chair is equipped with 38 automatic programs, among which is a special massage program – Mindfulness, whose concept is based on meditation. It is performed exclusively through the rhythmic work of air cushions, deeply relaxing and calming the mind.

A short rest in a massage chair can quickly rebuild your efficiency and increase satisfaction without disturbing the rhythm of your day. Models like the Fujiryoki JP3000, Bodyfriend Davinci, or iRest Maesthron (A801) offer relaxing, special massage programs, and thanks to built-in speakers – music therapy, allowing for deep relaxation to your favorite sounds. It’s not just a way to take a break but also to increase creativity and concentration for the hours of work ahead. Introducing napping as part of your daily schedule can change your perception of rest, bringing benefits to both mind and body. If you’re interested in massage chairs for napping, check out our offer or contact us.

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Published: 2020.06.18

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