Refreshing nap on massage armchair


A lot of things to do, new ones are coming all the time… until suddenly you run out of batteries. This is a sign that you need to charge them quickly! There is one, proven way for this, although in Poland it can still brings on mixed feelings – especially for some employers ;-) But if you are at home or work remotely…

Restoration of effectiveness and pleasure enhancement

There won’t be less responsibilities anymore ;) How can you improve effectiveness of organism during the day? There are few techniques that You’re familiarized with already, for example cup of coffee
(I personally love her), but I’m aware that another coffee in a row won’t work and drinking too much of this beverage isn’t healthy. Energy drinks, supposing that they work, it is short-time effect and also have terrible impact on heart and nervous system. Break in front of the television is only pseudo relaxation. Meditation helps a lot, but it isn’t easy and not everyone can meditate…

On the other hand, everybody can have a quick nap, which will regenerate body and soul. After quick nap You will surely feel relaxed and refreshed. With sharpened senses, better humour, energised, more concentrated and You also will be doing good for the rest of the day, will be able to think creatively again and do tasks more precisely. Such wide variety of advantages of nap is confirmed with researches and trust me, it’s worth to find 20 minutes during the day to have a quick nap. It won’t destroy any business or cause any arrears, but will make You spend your free time more effectively and unleash inner energy, which will support You in spending rest of the day productively.

Take advantage of nap on massage armchair, just like people all over the world do

Think about it: shouldn’t we take advantage of other countries’ experiences? In warmer part of our continent we have siesta, behind the west border: ein Schläfchen, in Japan they have power nap. In Sweden they also know advantages of energetic nap and the idea to have a nap on massage armchairs is implemented by employers, who in order to minimalize level of stress and to improve creativity are making relax rooms and convince employees to spend their break in this place.

More or less 7 hours of sleep everyone needs to function properly, but most people say that it’s a waste of time and some kind of luxury so it’s worth to drill the ability of using short, refreshing naps into yourself and realize each day to the max.

Subtle massage in massage armchair supports short nap effect during the day

Appropriate using of nap is an ability that needs to be trained to function properly and bring desired effect. Short nap can be done at any time of the day, but not less than 3 hours before going to sleep at night. Perfect time of the day is 13:30 when effectiveness of our work becomes lower and refreshing nap turns out to be very good regenerator. Accept nap as part of your schedule and try not to have guilty conscience because of it. Think about is as doing something that’s healthy for you to function more efficiently for the rest of the day. If You want nap to have good impact on your body, staying in proper stage of sleep is required. From 15 to 20 is enough. Mute your phone turn on gentle massage in massage armchair, close your eyes and feel how energy comes back to You…

Company or private relax rooms conception was described in other article, but right now I invite You to familiarize with massage armchairs, which are the most popular in those rooms: Massaggio Bello 2 at employers, Fujiiryoki JP2000 at the greatest minds’ offices.

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Published: 2020.06.18

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