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  • You can also describe why you decided to use our offer and this particular model of massage chair.

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What does a review look like?

The process of collecting reviews is on-going and they all will appear on our website in the near future. However, we have already received the first reviews from our customers, so here they are – as an example – a subtle inspiration. Yet remember, we appreciate your honesty and your personal experience.

Review 1.

The chair I bought was the MASSAGGIO ESCLUSIVO. A couple of remarks.
The purchase was motivated by back + arm + leg pain. I underwent therapies every 12 months or so. Prior to the purchase I ordered demonstrations. Two chairs each from 2 different companies (4 in total) – “the more expensive ones”, which were supposed to:

  • massage the feet
  • function intensively
  • massage the hands with airbags
  • spine + heating + programmes stored in memory

Following the presentation (both companies did a good job) I decided on this model. Each had its pros and cons but this one suited me best. I made the purchase in August 2016. I am rather picky and fussy about any purchases over PLN 5,000.  This one was over 10,000.
I use the chair 3 – 4 times a week. It has the “sedentary mode” (car and computer work) – so I’ve chosen the chair based on my needs. It’s been working great so far – aches are gone, I don’t need pills anymore :) 
The company I bought it from is not some “agent” that disappears after the payment is made. They provide assistance and guidance at no extra charge. When I called to enquire about new models, they called me back.
I assess the purchase positively – the model performs well and I am satisfied (family is delighted). The only downside, which I fixed rather quickly, is that you can’t place it in the living room or a place that is generally accessible. Friends and neighbours flocked around it wanting to systematically enjoy its beneficial properties. After 4 weeks, I moved it (a neat mechanism for moving the chair) to another room and it is “under lock and key”.
I purchased a 3-year warranty. I plan to sell it after 2 years (they promised to help) and replace my model with another – newer one. Whoever buys it will get a warranty for one more year.
It is worth continuing the cooperation – it is healthy :)

Review 2.

I bought the Massaggio Esclusivo chair two months ago. Having spent some time with it, I decided to share my impressions. I bought the chair with my wife and myself in mind, because this year saw our 30th wedding anniversary and I decided that such an occasion calls for a little passion. I decided to choose this chair after meeting and talking to the gentlemen from Rest Lords. I tested the chair in the showroom in Olsztyn (without my wife, of course, to maintain the surprise) and everything became clear. We managed to arrange everything with the delivery men so that they’d arrived perfectly on the day of our anniversary just before Basia came home. Additionally, I ordered the gift wrapping, which was great because it made an even bigger impression after my wife entered the house. She was already happy after the first massage because she used to have back problems as she worked behind desk all day. Our children and grandchildren came to visit us at the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and there was no end to the massages :-). My son, being an IT specialist himself, is thinking about buying such a chair, maybe not that tall, but still! We put the chair in the living room and we try to use it regularly. I tend to use it in the morning right after waking up in order to start the day more effectively, while Basia definitely likes it after a long day at work in order to relax her back. Overall, we are really satisfied with the purchase and we even urge all our friends and family who visit us to try the massage – it doesn’t take long to convince them anyway! The chair evokes positive emotions in everyone who tests it. All in all, it was a great idea to celebrate our 30 years together!