Warranty and service

Warranty and service of massage chairs Rest Lords

At Rest Lords, we attach great importance to the reliability of each massage chair. At each stage, from production order to receipt, we control their quality, aiming to ensure long-term use.


Each massage chair is covered by the standard warranty period, during which we secure the smooth operation of the massage seats, by making a free service with access to you. The period of standard protection in the case of consumer sales, that is for the benefit of the household, lasts in accordance with the law in force in Poland, i.e. 24 months from the date of issuing the warranty card.


Our offer also includes the option of extending the standard warranty period even up to 5 years on terms identical to the standard warranty period.

  • The cost of extending the standard warranty for all massage chairs is 750 zł / per year

* The standard warranty period applies to the use of a massage chair for a maximum of 8 hours a day. This time allows you to take 32 sessions of a 15-minute massage, it is definitely enough time for a family of six.


In order to secure the free service of massage seats used for commercial purposes or assuming intensive work, sold for business purposes, the period of the Business type is in accordance with the Polish law, ie 12 months from the date of issuing the warranty card.


In the case of business-like guarantees, as with the standard guarantee for individuals, it is possible to purchase an additional warranty period of up to 3 years. Thanks to the appropriate protection of our massage chairs, it is not necessary to order additional service inspections during the protection period.

  • The cost of extending the Business Guarantee by one year is 1500 zł
  • The cost of extending the Business Guarantee by two years is 3500 zł


We take care of all our massage seats, therefore after a standard or even extended warranty period, we provide post-warranty service. The service is carried out in the same way as during the standard warranty, only in this case, before the arrival of the service technician, we confirm the cost of its performance.


To secure a few service requests, we maintain our own professional and mobile service team that professionally trained and equipped with the entire database of tools and components provides service throughout the country. & nbsp; During the warranty period we provide free of charge service with access to you . In the event of a fault, the service team arrives at a pre-arranged time and performs a complete repair on site.


If you have any problems with your armchair:

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