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3D AR, i.e. augmented reality technology, used until now in medicine or aviation, has quickly found its way into everyday life as well. It allows us to see, for instance, how exotic plants will present themselves in our garden, match the furniture in the colour of your choice to your child’s room and check whether a massage chair will harmonise with the rest of your furniture. In the following episode, we are among the first in the world to showcase AR technology for massage chairs. In addition, Paweł explains the advantages of using this technology and shows you how to fit a massage chair into your interior, step by step.

What is AR technology?

AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that combines the digital world with the reality surrounding us. In this way, a 3D graphic or animation can be inserted into the image of our current surroundings, which can include landscape elements, animals, people or furniture, as seen through the camera of a mobile device.

AR technology for massage chairs

When purchasing a massage chair, AR technology can prove extremely useful. You can use it to insert a virtual chair into an existing interior. This will allow you to see what the desired massage chair would look like in your living room, bedroom or office. You can switch between colours and decide on a model that will blend in perfectly with your surroundings. You can also move the virtual massage chair freely, so you can more or less check whether it will fit in the space you have arranged for it. Harnessing the power of AR technology is a great way to make sure that the massage chair you have selected will be just right before ordering it online.

How to fit a massage chair into your interior

We have integrated the 3D AR section on the relevant product cards on our website. To activate the AR technology and see the massage chair inside your premises, simply click on the AR icon while browsing the card of the selected massage chair on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Then scan your surroundings and seconds later the massage chair appears on the screen. Newer smartphone models and an AR-supporting web browser are required for proper functionality.

You can find the list of devices that support augmented reality here: Android or iOS.

When using AR technology, it is advisable to keep in mind that it is not yet perfect. The dimensions of the virtual massage chair may differ slightly from its real-life counterpart. However, the model can also be resized and, should the need arise, repositioned. This depends on a number of factors, such as the type of device and software, the web browser you are using and even the furnishings and ambient light in the interior where you want to virtually set up the chair. However, in most cases, we can confidently trust that the model inserted by default will be very close in dimensions to the actual massage chair.

As you see, AR technology comes as a great convenience for buyers. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities to see massage chairs at home before you make your final decision. We, for our part, hope it will be helpful in choosing the perfect model. Remember that you can personally see and test the massage chairs in our showrooms in Olsztyn, Wrocław and Warsaw, or order a presentation at your place. And if you have any questions, we are still at your disposal, feel free to contact us.

Massage chairs list with AR technology:


Paweł, you’ve promised to show me something special today. What will it be?

I always keep my word, so let me move the chair a little bit forward for this one. So it’s my pleasure to present to you, for the first time in Poland and we’re among the very few in the world, AR technology for massage chairs. It’s augmented reality technology and I’ll tell you more about it in a moment, the best way is to show you how it actually works.

Well, anyone who visits our website can scroll down to the panel on the product page, which is called 3D AR, and see the AR feature icon. Let me just remind you that this is available on mobile devices, namely tablets and smartphones. By selecting this icon, we’re casually scanning the ground so that the device detects where the floor is, where the walls are. And that way we’re able to project a second virtual Piccolo chair onto the floor next to that one. So we have the real chair on the left and its virtual counterpart on the right.

What’s more, we’re able to approach this chair and zoom in on what the control panel or the cushion looks like and we can also move it around here at will, for example, to place it more evenly. It will stand nicely and in parallel with the Piccolo here. Notice also that the chair immediately took on more or less the size of its real-world counterpart. This is the brand new technology available in all our chairs and here you can easily see what color this chair is and how it blends in with its surroundings.

You might ask, ‘okay, but why do I need this?’ In order to be more certain about your purchase. So that before you order online, you can actually see it at home, see if the place that you’ve intended for the massage chair is going to accommodate it, if it’s going to match the surroundings, the couch, the wall, the curtains. Everybody has different needs. And you can check it out in this virtual way, so it provides exactly that kind of convenience.

To what extent can we trust the dimensions of a virtual model?

You know, I’d say to a very high degree. I’d say there’s 90% certainty that the size displayed on the screen corresponds to the real size of the chair. Technology is constantly developing. It also depends on the camera, the device, the software. There may be minimal differences, but I’m 90% sure that you can easily put it to the place where you’d like the chair to stand. Of course, there can be subtle differences in tone. Technology is evolving all the time, but this is a huge leap for Internet sales, for the possibility to demonstrate and see the equipment at home. You are welcome to visit restlords.com.

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Published: 2022.07.21

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