Visualize the massage chair in your interior using the AR technology

Massage chairs in augmented reality

It is likely that the AR concept seems vague to most of us. When we learn that it’s augmented reality, all sorts of video games come to mind first. However, we all certainly remember young people running around the city, chasing characters from some famous anime. This mobile game was created using AR technology. But as it turns out, AR can also be used in other ways, more relevant to everyday life. And as the first company in Poland with few others in the world, we have the pleasure to present AR technology in massage chairs.

What is AR technology?

AR (Augmented Reality) is the technology that blends the digital world with the reality around us at any given moment. Thanks to it, the image of our current surroundings, as seen by the camera of a mobile device, is enriched with graphics or 3D animation, which can include elements of landscape, animals, characters or furniture.

AR technology is gaining more and more recognition and has already been used in many fields, such as medicine or aviation, but it also works well in day-to-day use. It allows us to see, for example, how exotic plants would look like in our garden, see furniture in a chosen colour in our child’s room and check whether a massage chair would fit in the place we’ve prepared for it.

AR technology in massage chairs

AR technology can be extremely useful when purchasing a massage chair. You can use it to insert a virtual chair into an existing interior. This will allow you to see how the massage chair of your choice would present itself in your living room, bedroom or office. You can change colours and decide on a model that will perfectly match your interior. You can also move the virtual massage chair around, roughly checking if it’ll fit in the place you’ve prepared for it. Taking advantage of the capabilities of AR technology is a great way to make sure that the massage chair of your choice will be just right before you place your order online. 

How to fit a massage chair to your interior

We’ve added 3D AR section to every product page on our website. To activate the AR technology and see the massage chair in your interior, simply click on the AR icon while viewing the tab of the selected massage chair on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Then scan your surroundings and in just a moment the massage chair will pop up on your screen. Newer smartphone models and an AR-enabled web browser are required for proper functionality.

You can find the list of devices that support augmented reality here: Android or iOS.

When using the AR technology, it is worth remembering that it is not yet perfect. The dimensions of the virtual massage chair may slightly differ from its real-life counterpart. However, the model can also be resized and adjusted if necessary. This is influenced by many factors, such as the type of device and software, the web browser used, and even the furniture and light in the interior where you want to set up the virtual chair. However, in most cases we can pretty much assume that the model displayed by default will come very close to the dimensions of the real massage chair. 

As you see, AR technology is an excellent addition to online sales and great convenience for shoppers. It creates entirely new opportunities to actually see massage chairs at your home before you make your final decision. We, for our part, hope that it’ll be of assistance in choosing the perfect model. And if you have any questions we are still at your disposal, remember that you can personally see and try out the massage chairs in our showrooms in Olsztyn and Wroclaw, or order the demonstration at home. Feel free to contact us.

Massage chairs list with AR technology: