What is the right age to use a massage chair?


We’ve been asked more than once whether it’s possible to use a massage chair at a certain age. People of all ages have different needs, but it’s always important to take care of both your body and your well-being. This is why Paweł suggests at what age it’s worth enjoying massage in a massage chair and why. In this vlog episode, he also addresses the topic of appropriate adjustment of the massage chair to one’s height and weight.

Is the massage chair suitable for children?

When asked if children can use a massage chair, we always answer that there’s no need to interfere with muscles and structures that are so young and still being developed. What’s more, massage chairs are designed for people who are taller than 155 centimetres. For anyone shorter than this, massage is not recommended as the massage chair can inaccurately embrace the body and mis-scan the line of the spine. Of course, nothing bad will happen if your child uses the massage chair once in a while. We can turn on the gentle rolling, recline the chair to satisfy the child’s curiosity.

The massage chair for the 30+

People in their thirties are usually busy, burdened with stressful work which is often performed in a sedentary position. The pace of life makes it hard for them to look after themselves, because work, children etc… and when asked about massage in a massage chair, they often say: “one day the time will come”. A massage chair, just like a healthy diet or workouts, positively affects your well-being. What’s important, when introduced into your daily routine, it provides long-lasting relaxation, calms you down and helps you combat stress. Consequently, this is the best time to include massage in a massage chair in your daily schedule, even more so now, when pains typical for older people have not yet appeared and can still be effectively prevented.

A massage chair for seniors

There’s nothing surprising about the fact that our body “wears out” as we age. The older we get, the more often we experience pain, joint problems, arthritis and other conditions that accompany ageing. Changes also affect our posture and the strength of our muscles decreases. A regular massage in a massage chair can be an excellent way of alleviating these problems. It improves the condition of the body and mind, relieves tension and alleviates pain.

Massage, however, should be adjusted to individual health status and needs of a given person. In most cases, when dealing with age-related aches and pains, we can massage ourselves freely in a massage chair. In such cases, massage plays a preventative role and serves primarily to maintain physical and psycho-physical fitness. However, if your problem is more serious, such as trouble with the circulatory, vascular or respiratory systems, it is advisable to consult your doctor first. A specialist should also be consulted if you suffer from cancer or most skin lesions.

Massage chair for seniors – which one to choose?

When looking for the right model for seniors, it’s worth paying attention to several aspects. First of all, massage chairs are designed for home use, they are easy to operate and intuitive. As we have found out during many conversations with our clients, even an elderly person is able to easily control them alone. Additionally, there are manuals and instructional videos available on the website, which can help with the initial use of the massage chair. The massage itself should not be too intense. Gentle programmes or targeted pressure from the massaging arms will relieve pain and improve the overall fitness of the body.

One example of massage chair that work well for seniors are our compact Massaggio Bello 2 models. He offer a soothing back massage using basic functions and a perfectly relaxing calf massage. And when the calf massage is not in operation, the rotating footrest can be used as a support, increasing the comfort and convenience of the massage. If, on the other hand, there’s a need for a more advanced massage, including a foot massage, we can opt for the Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro, which comes equipped with an excellent roller massage. This model also offers a pleasant heating system, which warms up tense muscles and makes it easier to massage them gently. It’s also worth paying attention to those models which are distinguished by their magnetotherapy feature. By generating a magnetic field, they support cell regeneration and reduce perception of pain. The Eccellente 2 Pro mentioned above includes the magnetotherapy function around the foot and hand areas.

As you can see, the massage chair can be used by people of almost any age. But remember – prevention is better than cure. So, don’t postpone the purchase of a massage chair until ailments appear – take a look at our product range and choose the ideal model for you.


Paul, can a massage chair be used by people of all ages?

Basically yes, but it’s not necessarily the age of the mind, it depends on the age of the body. For young children with growing muscles, it’s always better to promote an active lifestyle, they don’t necessarily need a massage. There is also the question of their height, they may not be tall enough for the mechanisms to work properly, and the scanning system may not recognise the shape of their spine. However, there is no reason, why they can’t recline the chair or use a simple rolling technique.

At what age can someone start using a massage chair?

In depends on the child and the circumstances. Perhaps from the age of 15. This is often the time when youngsters can benefit from using a massage chair, for example, they might get a bad posture from siting too long in one position or doing too much exercise. From about the age of 25 we start to settle into certain routines where our lifestyles can cause us stress and sometimes pain, so we need to relax and help our bodies and prevent future problems. These can be the best and most important reasons for using a massage chair.

What about when we’re older?

When we get older, using a massage chair can help to relieve the pain from naturally ageing and aching muscles. However, it is important to be aware of our bodies as this may be the time of life when you need to ask a Dr for advice.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of years in between, where you can make the most of using a massage chair.

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Published: 2023.04.13

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