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An innovative way to demonstrate a product fully using remote assistance, a reinvented customer experience, a hybrid approach to e-commerce and traditional showrooms, a semi-autonomous showroom with freedom to try out the product – this is the R-ShowRoom and our R.A.R.E system.

The origin of the idea

Almost every book on marketing and sales stresses the importance of responding to the customer’s needs, and this is also the case here. On top of that, here we have a combination of needs and unique products – massage chairs. Their specific and generally unfamiliar functions very often require prior testing and experiencing a massage to be fully understood, something that a website cannot convey. Their shipping, assembly or return is not as easy as it is with shoes or clothing. Their size also prevents them from occupying entire aisles in retail stores.

So one way of approaching this could be showrooms – anywhere in the world (just like e-commerce), focused on the already interested customer, non-casual, with reservation system, remote service, semi-autonomous. The customer has the opportunity to personally check out the product, have a massage, touch and feel it with all their senses… and the professional assistance can also be available anywhere in the world and, most importantly, not necessarily in the same place as the showroom. For there are only a few true expert massage chair enthusiasts, and we want to provide customers with the best service in the world!

How does the visit proceed?

You find a product you’re looking for online – a massage chair :) You see an opportunity to test it in R-ShowRoom, you book an appointment. In good time, the Customer Advisor discusses it with you over the phone to explain everything, answer your questions to maximise the comfort of your visit. You are given access – in the form of a code – to enter the semi-autonomous showroom. Prior to your visit, our Customer Advisor activates the showroom’s ‘vital’ functions: unlocks the door, turns off the alarm, sets the appropriate temperature, starts all the equipment. At the appointed time you enter your code, open the door, enter and see the image of our Advisor. Your exciting visit to this unique showroom begins.

You freely test the massage chairs, feel the upholstery, experience the massage, ask questions, discuss the details. You get to know the chosen model thoroughly to make sure that it is “the one”. If not – that’s fine – apart from the time spent testing it costs you absolutely nothing (a symbolic entrance deposit is refundable and serves to verify your identity). If you do – you can place your order on the spot and the massage chair will be delivered to you even the very next day.

Leaving aside the extraordinary experience of visiting R-ShowRoom, what’s the best thing about it? The whole showroom, all the chairs and the Advisor are there just for you and there’s no way you’ll be interrupted by other customers! Only peace and quiet, massage chairs, our expert and you. That kind of comfort is only available with us :-).

…and still in a photographic version:

Remote Assistant Real Experience

The entire system is configured using the most advanced audiovisual, internet, communication and remote access technologies available today. We named the concept and the way it was implemented R.A.R.E, standing for Remote Assistant Real Experience. We have managed to combine a number of existing technologies like no one else before :-) The development of this system has been made possible thanks to the tremendous progress in remote work technology that has taken place since 2020 in particular.

This is how we blur the distinction between online sales and traditional showrooms… because your well-being is all that matters here!

The strategic partner providing key technology solutions is Brill AV Media.

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Published: 2023.06.08

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