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To make purchase of massage armchair even more pleasant, we became Partners with luxurious brands from 3 different industries. Check out current promotion, because you may be lucky and receive a gift voucher after purchasing a massage armchair. It can be redeemed later at our Partners. You can redeem it by yourself or gift someone from your family with this voucher.

Sieć jubilerska Apart

APART – very popular jewellery brand in Poland. It is known from the highest quality of products. Their priority is beauty, ours is good frame of mind. Are you looking for a gift for your wife? We suggest beautiful necklace, diamond earrings or pearl ring. Exclusive and beautiful jewellery is their main, but not the only, strong side.

It’s also a watch expert – maybe new Aztorin watch would be useful? Apart also has luxurious Swiss watch brands, like Albert Riele or Bergstern. Jewellery voucher can be freely redeemed.

Jewellery voucher can be redeemed in Apart salon. Check on the voucher how much time you have for purchase of this special jewellery. More information about redeeming jewellery vouchers is on Apart’s website in jewellery vouchers subpage.

Perfumeria Douglas

DOUGLAS – the biggest (over 120 shops) perfumery chain in Poland. They will make you beautiful, we will make you feel comfortable. Are you looking for a perfect gift for your better half? We think that makeup brushes, Dior fragrance or Yves Saint Laurent makeup palette would be a great gift. Do you want to surprise your husband? Get him one of Giorgio Armani, Paco Rabane or Hugo Boss fragrance. Redeem gift voucher for very good cosmetics or fragrances.

Gift voucher can be redeemed at Douglas perfumeries in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, or in douglas.pl online shop. You can use it repeatedly until you run out of money on your voucher. Gift voucher doesn’t have expiration date. More information about redeeming gift vouchers is on Douglas perfumery’s website.

Artykuły do wnętrz home and you

HOME&YOU – one of its kind chain of shops with house equipment and decorations. They inspire to change home decoration. First change will be massage armchair. When you add some decorations, the interior will look beautiful. Beautiful home brings joy to your life. Gift voucher can be redeemed in every home&you salon in Poland. Gift voucher, received after purchasing massage armchair can be used to buy decorations – to make the time spent in armchair even more pleasant.

More information about rules of redeeming gift vouchers is on our partner’s website.