Massage chairs are not everything


It’s quite a subversive and a bit controversial title for an article published on a blog about massage chairs. Sometimes, however, we confront the views and expectations that a massage chair is going to be a wonderful cure for all ailments. Before using a massage chair, it is worth knowing that it is best to use it as an addition, a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and not as a substitute. In the following article You can read about how the massage chair can support eating healthily and regular physical activity.

The advantages of massage in a massage chair

We’ve already covered on our blog a lot of benefits coming from massage enjoyed in a massage chair. Regular use of massage has numerous advantages, among which are, above all, improved mood and relaxation of tense muscles. However, to make its effects even better and to provide more advantages, not just joy, but also benefits for the body, it is worth remembering that massage chairs are not everything. Some people highlight the typical health benefits of such a massage. Meanwhile, sometimes, contrary to expectations, massage chairs cannot replace physical activity, a balanced diet or a long, good night’s sleep. In a healthy lifestyle, the entirety of activities counts and the massage chair can complement it perfectly. 

Massage chair and a healthy diet

There is a misconception among many people that a slimming massage in a massage chair will help them regain their dream shape. However, as we wrote in one of our articles, if we limit ourselves exclusively to massage, it is impossible to achieve the expected slimming results. On the other hand, massage, combined with a healthy, well-balanced diet, can effectively support weight loss, mainly by regulating the metabolism. It is also extremely important to properly hydrate the body during massage. We often forget to drink recommended amount of water every day and well hydrated muscles are best prepared for massage. They become flexible and the elimination of accumulated tension becomes much easier and more relaxing. 

Regular physical activity vs. massage chair

It sometimes happens that the massage chair is selected as a substitution for physical activity. We understand perfectly well that you don’t always want to go for a walk, do yoga training or do another cardio session. But nowadays, when most of us spend long hours behind a desk every day or sit in a wrong position and we don’t move much, regular physical activity is extremely important and you shouldn’t give up on it. After a walk or workout, it is advisable to regenerate your muscles and restore your energy in a massage chair, which will further amplify the sense of relaxation after physical effort.

Massage chair instead of physiotherapy

Many people perceive a massage chair as a substitute for physiotherapy. And although the massage arms imitate the movements performed by the masseur, it will not replace taking history and health assessment by a physiotherapist, at least for now ;). A typical therapeutic massage in case of injuries, degenerative changes or post-surgical procedures is best left to professionals. Besides, when serious disorders appear, for example in the spine area, it may be too late to use the chair. That is why it should be used primarily as a preventive measure. Thanks to regular massages in the massage chair it will be possible to prevent the development of disorders or to improve the general condition of the body.

A healthy lifestyle relies on a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, long sleep and well-being. None of these elements should be given up, and overall balance is of key importance. As you can see, the massage chair won’t replace healthy lifestyle, but it can complement it perfectly.

We write all this with full awareness, keeping in line with our values, because we strive for full customer satisfaction, and this is visible once we, as salesmen, are completely reliable. So if you are thinking about a massage chair or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2020.05.28

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