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This article was written by our guest – Marek Molęda, personal trainer. It is about using massage armchairs in gyms or fitness clubs and his personal experience about them. Enjoy your reading ;)

Recently, on fitness market many innovative accessories and devices for regeneration after workout have appeared. They are supposed to help us to relax and recover before another workout. People going to the gym are becoming more aware that they need to relax after training session. My name is Marek Molęda, I am a personal trainer and in this article I will try to answer the question: Is it better to use massage armchair before or after workout?

Massage chair after workout – my impressions

My clients often ask, what is the best they can do, when they don’t have much time? I usually reply that except popular wellness methods, like sauna, cryotherapy, physiotherapy, and others, massages are also very good solution. Large number of different massages and massaging devices makes it available for everyone. The most popular massages are: traditional therapeutic massage, hydro massage, recently popular roller massages or massages on massage armchairs, which are more and more popular in gyms, fitness clubs and houses.

Recently, I found out for myself, how does massage armchair work. Usually, I am a very busy person, who tries to find a moment to relax: work, training, preparing meals, regeneration – this is how my day looks like. During earlier mentioned massage session I had a 15-minute conversation with the owner of Rest Lords – Paweł Majer. I have tense spots on my body, because they didn’t have enough time to recover after my workout. While mechanical arms were pressing, massaging and kneading those tense spots, Paweł told me about influence of those moves on the human body. Since I don’t take advantage of massagers’ or manual therapists’ services, I can say that the first impression I had, was that the massage was performed precisely and its strength was adjusted to my needs. The process was pleasant and involved almost the whole body.

Massage armchair and wellness

It’s good to remember that the body of each person has different needs during post-training period. Massage armchair, like sauna or cryotherapy can be a great supplement to the regeneration process. To meet individual requirements, it’s good to consult using of massage armchair with your personal trainer.

If we take a closer look at term ‘wellness’, we will find entries, like activation of leisure process, body hardening or prevention and reduction of the effects of body overextension. What does it mean? It means that we will be in better mood, have more life force and good physical condition. Is massage armchair able to meet those requirements? Having in mind, what Paweł said and what I felt during testing this armchair, I think that massage armchair can fully meet those requirements. I don’t want to say that it will replace manual therapist appointment or make you free from hard roller workouts, but without a doubt it will loosen up your muscles and meet all above mentioned requirements.

To sum up, is it worth using massage armchair after training? In my opinion, every method of relaxation is good and the one I just described fits perfectly in our lifestyle and will, without a doubt, increase positive health aspects and help us to recover after workout.

Marek Molęda

Photos of massage armchair Fujiiryoki JP1000 were taken by courtesy of Kinetic Fitness Club, where Marek works as a personal trainer.

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Published: 2017.09.06

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