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Thanks to them we are able to reach the farthest corners of the world in a relatively short time and see the places we have always dreamed of. Air travel is an increasingly popular means of transport for Poles; an exciting experience for some, but quite often turns out to be a stressful challenge for others. In order to ensure a calm and comfortable flight, it is worth preparing for it in advance and taking care of a few things, starting with appropriate, comfortable clothing, proper hydration or, what I especially recommend, even earplugs and an eye patch. One of the ways that can also affect your wellbeing during trips is a relaxing massage session. That’s why you can notice more and more massage chairs at the airport. You can read about how a massage in such a chair can help before travelling by plane in the following article. 

Long flight and its impact on our body

Ascending into the sky usually affects the functioning of our body. Apart from clogging and earaches during the take-off, other ailments may also appear. Lack of movement definitely has the most adverse effect on the functioning of the body. Sitting for hours in a narrow armchair, with little space left to stretch your legs, leads to disruption of blood flow in your limbs. Limited freedom of movement is most often the cause of swollen legs, numbness, and in a few cases can even lead to the formation of clots in venous vessels.  

Air travel is also characterized by reduced oxygen content. On board the plane the pressure is reduced and the air is being filtered and reused. This means that less oxygen reaches the body, which manifests itself, for instance, in pulsating pain in the temples, dizziness or problems with concentration. Many passengers also suffer from fatigue during the journey. And, of course, the longer the journey, the greater the fatigue and its symptoms that the body experiences.  

However, flying by plane is not only a cause of physical ailments, but also has a strong impact on the psyche. It happens that the fear of flying and the stress associated with travel results in increased pressure, sweating, muscle twitching and often rapid breathing. For some travellers, discomfort also intensifies the feeling of being closed in a confined space. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare well for the flight, take care of your mental and physical form, even a moment before the flight, which can be facilitated by a massage chair standing at the airport.

Massage in the massage chair before travelling by plane

Presumably the most important benefit of a massage in the massage chair at the airport will be stress relief before the flight. After check-in, when we still have some time, we can do quick shopping in the duty-free zone or enjoy a relaxing massage in a massage chair. The massage chair allows for deep relaxation of body and mind. It allows you to turn off your thinking for a moment and cut yourself off from stressful situations. During the massage, the body releases endorphins, which improve the mood, help to cope with stress and manage anxiety. 

The role of the massage chair in improving blood and lymph circulation in the body is equally significant. It proves to be a perfect choice for stopovers and transfers. A moment’s break in a massage chair can help to restore your well-being and give you extra energy for further journey. While moving, the massaging arms transport oxygen to cells more efficiently, thus accelerating their regeneration and adding strength. During the many hours of travel, the massage has a great effect on muscle relaxation as well. Massaging the muscles after a long immobilization eliminates pain and discomfort, helps to alleviate their stiffness, bringing a pleasant relief. Massage in a massage chair combined with regular walks on board and proper hydration before the journey is bound to provide good protection against lower vein thrombosis. 

Massage chair at Warsaw Chopin Airport

When travelling to the East, where the massage culture is extremely popular, you can see massage chairs and passengers using them at every airport. Being very aware of how regular massage affects the body, Asians enjoy it at any spare moment. Massage chairs are also increasingly common at airports in Europe and the United States. In Poland, this is still an unprecedented sight, but here too, massage chairs slowly start to appear. We have put the first massage chair in the VIP room at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The model we selected for this purpose, Massaggio Stravagante, performs an extremely accurate and perfect massage and will perfectly complement preparations for a long journey. It will relax, unwind and put you in a good mood, and at the same time it will massage your muscles, improve blood circulation and give you necessary energy for the upcoming journey.

As you can see, a massage chair can be extremely useful at the airport. Although it does not fit into the plane, which saddens our customers, it can make the time spent waiting for a flight much more pleasant. 

Me and my wife have been using the massage chair every day for 2 months, sometimes 2-3 sessions. The problem is the weight and size – we wanted to take it on holiday but it doesn’t fit on the plane.

So instead of browsing through the news on your smartphone at the airport, you can choose pleasant relaxation and take care of your body and well-being in a massage chair. So now, when you see a massage chair, use it before you travel, and if you have questions or want to talk about massage chairs, feel free to contact us

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Published: 2020.01.31

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