Massage chair

Massaggio Ricco

Double the joy of massage
Fotel który masuje Massaggio Ricco aranżacja
Fotel do masażu Massaggio Ricco aranżacja
Fotel z masażem Massaggio Ricco aranżacja
Fotel który masuje Massaggio Ricco aranżacja
Fotel do masażu Massaggio Ricco aranżacja
Fotel z masażem Massaggio Ricco aranżacja

2 massage systems

Dual massage mechanism

Doubled pleasure of a massage done by two systems at the same time. The first, extremely relaxing two-way heated massage will take care of your neck. The second, with its pleasant and blissful movements will bring ease along the entire length of the spine and more…


SL-Shape Massaggio Ricco

Feel the tension disappear and the expected bliss come. Massagers move from the neck to the buttocks on a specially shaped track precisely tailored to the shape of the spine.

Calf massage in a rotating footrest

Massaggio Ricco retractable massager

Use it as you like… to support your legs freely or turn it around for a soothing massage. Give your legs back their lightness, relax your calves and feel the relief that comes after a hard day. Adjust the intensity of the airbag pressure to best suit your needs.

Remote control and features

Massaggio Ricco remote control

Use the intuitive handy remote control in the armrest to activate your favourite function and enjoy a blissful session full of relaxing experiences. Choose from 4 available automatic programs to enjoy a defined massage session. You can also direct the action of one of the 3 massage techniques to a selected section of your spine – where you feel the need.

Bluetooth speakers and accessories

Bluetooth in massage armchair

By activating a relaxing massage in the massage chair, you can relax not only the body but also the mind. Use Bluetooth technology to connect your phone to the massage chair. Close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of your favourite music.

In addition, so that the phone does not discharge, you can plug it into the socket located in the chair, while in a special holder you can insert a cup of your favourite drink.

Design and quality

Modern and compact design. Elegant, perforated upholstery in a uniform black colour or in a stylish combination with velvet beige all finished with attention to the smallest details. One of these versions will adapt freely to different interiors, complementing them with the desired relaxation zone.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.



    Zamów fotel masujący Massaggio Ricco
    Cena od: 4 970 zł

    Offer includes:

    • express delivery by courier with rebate
      Included in to the price of a massage chair. Shipment sent on a pallet, for its own bringing and assembly. Delivered within 72 hours of issue at the latest. The courier contacts you on the day of delivery before it is made.
    • full warranty
      Standard warranty for individual persons lasts 24 months, Business type guarantee for companies - 12 months. Warranty with service technician access. Can be extended up to 5 years.


    Real installments 0%

    • own payment 0 zł
    • 20 equal installments at 249 zł /m-th
    • without any additional costs

    Reviews about Massaggio Ricco

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    Automatic programs
    4 automatic programs
    Techniques and range of massage
    • 3 massage techniques
    • point massage
    • 3 levels of air massage strength
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage speed
    Range of massage with massage arms
    from the neck to the buttocks
    Place of performing aerial massage
    Foot massage
    Automatic unfolding
    Scanning the backbone line
    neck massager
    Additional functions
    • SL-Shape
    • Bluetooth speakers
    • rotatable footrest 
    • heated neck massager
    • USB charger
    • cup holder
    • wheels enabling movement on flat surfaces
    Maximum height
    185 cm
    Permissible weight
    120 kg
    Dimensions in a sitting position
    81 cm x  99 cm x  108 cm (W x H x L)
    Dimensions in lying position
    not applicable
    Carton dimensions
    75,5 cm x 83 cm x 138,5 cm (W x H x L)
    Seat width
    51 cm
    Avalaible colours
    black, beige-black
    53,5 kg
    Power consumption
    60 W
    < 55 dB
    • 24 months (individual clients)
    • 12 months (businessmen)
    • the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years
    • 5903641991025 (black)
    • 5903641991018 (beige)
    A compact massage chair that uses modern technology to provide a relaxing massage from the calves to the neck. It is the only model in which the spine massage is performed by two massage mechanisms. In addition, it has a discreet, rotating footrest with the ability to support or massage calves with airbags. What’s more, thanks to the built-in speakers, it allows you to play music from your device.

    Files to download

    User manual for massage armchair Massaggio Ricco (PDF)

    Product card for massage armchair Massaggio Ricco (PDF)

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