Massage chair

Massaggio Esclusivo 2

The pleasure goes even further...
Massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2 on sale promotion
Fotel masujący Esclusivo 2 beżowy
Massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2 on sale promotion
Fotel masujący Esclusivo 2 beżowy

A little further, to… SL-shape

SL-Shape in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2

An amazingly soothing massage performed by the massaging arms will bring blissful relaxation along the entire back, from the neck to the buttocks. The longest scope of massage on the market – 135 cm. The upgraded SL-Shape technology perfectly adapts to the line of the spine, ensuring even greater harmony of the massage.

Sensational leg massage

Airbags in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2

Finally, feel the unique sensation of relief as your legs are gradually freed from tension and heaviness. While sitting in the massage chair, pay attention to the unique and flawless calf massage, which gently but effectively takes care of the most painful areas. Allow three pairs of massage rollers to do their job, providing you with the desired relaxation after a busy day.

In addition, the footrest adjustment will make it possible for both short and tall people to enjoy the massage comfortably.

The Zero Gravity position

Technologia Zero Gravity w fotelu z masażem

Check the effect of the massage chair in the most popular (and there’s a good reason for it) massage position and feel as if you are weightless. A relaxing feeling of lightness and blissful rest will accompany you when your spine gets relieved and any tension is gently eliminated.

2D system and that’s it

2D massage chair for Massaggio Esclusivo 2

Sit comfortably in the massage chair and let yourself have a moment of pure pleasure. Notice the precise movements of the 4 massaging arms moving according to 5 different massage techniques. The chair will scan your spine with exceptional accuracy and adjust the massage to your height, increasing both the precision and the effectiveness of the session.

Controlling the massage

Remote control in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2

Enter the realm of innovative massage by using the intuitive remote control with a colour screen or using the convenient panel at hand. Maintain control over the basic functions with ease and convenience. There are 8 automatic, pre-programmed massage sequences waiting for you, including an extremely relaxing stretching program. Plus, using the two available memory slots, you can easily create your own programs to make everything work the way you want it to.

Deep IR Heating

Heating in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2 massage chair

The exceptional feeling of warmth enveloping the body will provide a feeling of unparalleled comfort not only on a cold evening. The massage chair, using carbon fibres as a source of infrared radiation, pleasantly warms the back. And thanks to the 3 degrees of regulation, you can select the temperature range that perfectly suits your preferences.

Massage with airbags

Airbags in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2

Let yourself be surprised and experience extraordinary lightness. The airbag system will ensure perfect relaxation of your forearms, arms and legs, and three levels of regulation will allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage to your liking.

No distance, more space

Zero Wall in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2

Take advantage of this extremely practical function and save space within your interior. Thanks to the Zero Wall function, move the massage chair against the wall and enjoy the free space – it will move itself away while reclining.

Plus hearing and smell

Music and air ioniser in Massaggio Esclusivo 2 massage chair

Use the built-in speakers with 3D sound system and enjoy your favourite music. Connect your phone to the chair via Bluetooth and play soothing tunes straight from your device. And with the USB port on the panel at hand, you can charge your phone and the music won’t stop abruptly.

Then take a deep breath and enhance your mood with an air ionizer. The ionized air vented by the chair will improve its overall quality and increase the benefits of each massage session.

Voice control

Voice control in Massaggio Esclusivo 2 massage chair

Use the English-language voice control function to easily and conveniently change programs and settings of the massage chair without having to use the remote control. Issue commands slowly and clearly and the chair will activate the function relying on your voice.

Gentle touch of magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy in Massaggio Esclusivo 2

With its invisible force, the magnetic field covers the area around the hand. During each massage, a subtle swing of the magnetotherapy strengthens its effect, rebuilding the cells and positively affecting the overall condition of the hand.

Stretching… just like in the morning.

Stretching in massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2

A pleasant feeling of relaxation reminiscent of a morning’s lazy stretches can accompany you at any time of day.
Simply, start the automatic programme and feel how gentle stretching removes tension from your muscles, leaving them relaxed and pleasantly relieved.

Design and quality

Modern design complemented by classic combinations of colours creates a unique fusion that can find its way into every interior. Extremely high quality of upholstery finish and the technology inside will give you a great sense of comfort.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.


    3D AR - virtual fitting room

    Visualize the massage chair in your interior using your smartphone or tablet and the 3D AR function, i.e. augmented reality. See for yourself what it might look like in your house or office, whether its colour matches the interior, the place you've chosen for it…

    While browsing the website on your mobile device, click the AR icon and place the virtual chair in the desired location. Move, rotate and adjust.

    An AR-supporting web browser is required for proper operation. We recommend using Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS). The 3D AR feature may not work properly on older smartphone models.

    Remember - AR technology is not yet perfect. The dimensions of the displayed model may differ slightly from its actual size. This depends on the device and the process of the first scan. The model can also be scaled to adjust its size if necessary.


    Zamów fotele do masażu Massaggio Esclusivo 2
    Price: 15 970 zł


    • includes express delivery by courier
      Included in to the price of a massage chair. Shipment sent on a pallet, for its own bringing and assembly. Delivered within 72 hours of issue at the latest. The courier contacts you on the day of delivery before it is made.
    • additionally a gift voucher worth 800 zł
      A gift voucher to be used by one of our Partners - in Apart jewelry stores, Douglas perfumeries or home and you showrooms. The value of the voucher is a real amount to be used without having to meet additional conditions. When placing the order, please enter in comments which voucher you choose: Apart, Douglas or home and you.

      with code PREZENT640 exchangeable for a rebate of 640 zł
    • valid until 4.11.2021

    Reviews about Massaggio Esclusivo 2

    Jarosław Czart | 28.04.2021

    Both me and my wife are 54 years old, our jobs determine our sedentary lifestyle, and to be honest, we don't really feel like nor have the strength for active relaxation after we finish work. So we came up with the idea of a massage chair. It took us quite a long time to decide which chair to buy; the offer is extensive, with multiple models at different prices. The worst thing was that I'd had no idea how these chairs differ and where the differences in prices come from.
    Then I came across your website; here at last I could understand how chairs work and what's the difference between them.
    We chose Massaggio Exclusivo 2 model. The device was delivered promptly, by company transport, two gentlemen placed the chair in the designated spot, assembled and connected it to power supply, they answered all our questions and drove away. Quick, efficient, professional.
    It's been 3 months since purchase and my wife and I use the chair about twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, my sons also use it quite often.
    Both my wife and I can clearly feel the difference: you get more relaxed, the spine no longer aches, the evening swelling of the lower limbs is reduced, the muscles of the spine and shoulders are less tense.
    I regret nothing when it comes to the amount of money I spent on this device. I should have come up with this idea earlier :-)
    I highly recommend buying such a chair.

    Grzegorz i Usia | 15.02.2021

    The chair was purchased about a month ago, so we can now share our opinion about it. The device is visually pleasing and has many functionalities that are easy to use. Since the purchase, the whole family has been using it every day. The chair adjusts itself automatically to fit both tall and short people. Using the chair is sheer pleasure and back pain is no longer a nuisance. We are extremely satisfied with it and we recommend it to anyone who struggles with health problems related to the spine and other parts of the body.

    Piotr | 26.01.2021

    I've struggled with back pain radiating to my leg for many years now. It's so bothersome that I used to go to a physiotherapist, but I would have to use his services every day, which is impossible. So I decided to buy a massage chair. I looked through many offers, analyzed different models and their features. The Massaggio Esclusivo 2 chair seemed the most suitable for my needs. I called Rest Lords to ask a few additional questions. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff offered assistance in placing my order. I purchased the chair in late November 2020 and the chair arrived at my home the next day. It was a breakthrough in my daily functioning. Since then I've been massaging myself every day. The first massages involved trying out all the available functions of the chair, which are quite a few. The chair massages almost the entire body, it scans the body and automatically adjusts to the height of the person being massaged, you can adjust the massage strength of each body part separately and adjust it to your needs. The massage program with stretching proved to be my "salvation". I recommend Massaggio Esclusivo 2 chair to everyone for a healthy and relaxing massage. I am 100% satisfied with it, so are my loved ones.



    Automatic programs
    • 8 automatic programs
    • plus the memory of 2 programs composed by themselves
    Techniques and range of massage
    • 5 massage techniques
    • point massage, in the scope, comprehensive
    • 3 levels of air massage strength
    • 5 levels of speed of mechanical massage
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage width
    • 3 levels of heating temperature
    Range of massage with massage arms
    from the neck to the buttocks (SL-shape, 135 cm)
    Place of performing aerial massage
    • feet
    • calves
    • arms
    • forearms
    Foot massage
    rollers, airbags
    Automatic unfolding
    to the Zero Gravity position
    Scanning the backbone line
    back (IR up to 40 degrees C)
    yes, whole body
    Additional functions
    • SL-shape
    • kneading calf massage
    • Zero Wall
    • air ionizer
    • magnetotherapy in the area of hands
    • handy control panel
    • voice control in English
    • music player with bluetooth connection
    • USB charger
    • wheels for movement on flat surfaces
    Maximum height
    198 cm
    Permissible weight
    150 kg
    Dimensions in a sitting position
    156 cm x 85 cm x 111 cm (L x W x H)
    Dimensions in lying position
    181 cm x 85 cm x 103 cm (L x W x H)
    Carton dimensions
    • 152 cm x 77 cm x 95 cm (L x W x H)
    • 129 cm x 40 cm x 90 cm (L x W x H)
    Seat width
    51 cm
    The minimum width of the door opening
    70 cm
    Avalaible colours
    brown-graphite, ecru
    120 kg
    Power consumption
    150 W
    <60 dB
    • 24 months (individual clients)
    • 12 months (entrepreneurs)
    • On-site guarantee with access to the service technician
    • the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years
    • 5903641991223 (brown-graphite)
    • 5903641991230 (ecru)
    The second version of the best-selling model. The phenomenal calf massage, longer SL-shape, ionizer, voice control and background music are the main distinguishing features of Esclusivo 2. The chair is available in two colors.

    Files to download

    User manual of massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2 (PDF)

    Product card of massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo 2 (PDF)

    3D solids for architects (ZIP)

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