Massage chair

Massaggio Esclusivo

Pleasure advances to a higher level

massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo arrangment
massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo arrangment 2
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massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo arrangment
massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo arrangment 2
massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo arrangment 3

L-shape in range of 132 cm

L-shape Massaggio Esclusivo

At the beginning it will be surprising, but after a while it will bowl You over. You will feel how pleasant and loosening is massage, which ranges far beyond loins. Take care of your buttocks and thighs ... without embarrassment! Find out how important and relaxing is the massage in range of 132 cm.

Steering and functionalities

Steering and functionalities Massaggio Esclusivo

Managing armchair functions is very easy thanks to the well designed remote. Navigating has never been so simple and intuitive. Go to your favorite position by adjusting the footrests and backrest in a comfortable way for You.

Each of the 6 automatic and 5 manual programs can be started with one flick of your finger. When You learn how to navigate the armchair, make your own program using 2 available memories.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Massaggio Esclusivo

Imagine massage in weightless condition – backbone is relieved and muscles are loose. You feel light as a feather and pleasant. Meanwhile massaging arms gently massage You, bringing the feeling of bliss. Position similar to the one in mother’s womb is ideal massage position that no masseur will provide.


Heating Massaggio Esclusivo

The heat coming from the back heats deeply and loosens the back with an unmistakable sense of comfort. Infrared rays with pleasant touch warm up your back to 40ºC, which you will especially appreciate sitting down in the cool evening, in a warm chair.

Foot massage

Foot massage Massaggio Esclusivo

Give your feet under the care of dozens of small, agile fingers that in fifteen minutes will release your feet from tension, bringing you the desired relaxation after a hard day. So much desired effect is possible thanks to the airbags, which wrap around the foot and special rollers working on its sole.

Adjustable footrests up to 16 cm guarantees comfortable massage position for both low and high persons.

Arms and forearms massage

Arms and forearms massage Massaggio Esclusivo

Completely new level of relaxation awaits if You give your hands over to air cushions. They will be Light and loose on the whole length and seem to weigh less. Everything thanks to the massage system led by set of air cushions.

Zero Wall

Zero Wall Massaggio Esclusivo

Save space in your home by moving your armchair to the wall and use free space on other things. If you want to move the chair you can do it yourself. Thanks to the rear wheels, you have possibility to enjoy a massage on terrace, in living room or in bedroom – decision is up to You.


Quality Massaggio Esclusivo

Look at its shapes… there goes the line, led by the imagination of designers looking for modern and comfortable solutions. The exclusive supple form, a remarkable line, backed by stylish stitching and high-quality design, puts armchair Massaggio Esclusivo at the top of modern design contours.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.


    price: 13970 zł

    The offer includes:

    • Carefree Delivery
      Performed within 3-5 days with our own transport, by trained representatives who bring, assemble and carry out the initial instruction of the massage chair.
    • express delivery by courier
      For the choice of delivery by courier - a discount of 300 zł. Shipment sent on a pallet, for its own bringing and assembly. Delivered within 48 hours of issue at the latest. The courier contacts you on the day of delivery before it is made.
    • possibility of presentation
      Individual presentation of a massage chair that takes place at home, in a company or other chosen place. Representatives always bring a new model of a chair, carry out an initial instruction of service and present its possibilities. The cost of the presentation, regardless of where it is located in Poland, is 300 zł. At the time of purchase, the amount goes to the value of the massage chair.

    Real installments 0%

    • own payment 0 zł
    • 20 equal installments at 699 zł / m-th
    • without any additional costs



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