JP2000 vs JP1000 – comparison of Fujiiryoki massage chairs


Fujiiryoki, the Japanese inventor of massage chairs, has always represented a guarantee of the highest quality and the most innovative solutions that have inspired others over the years. Recently, two models of this brand’s massage chairs have appeared in our product range – the latest JP2000 and its predecessor JP1000. The time has come to compare the functions and features of these two most advanced massage chairs in the world.

Superiority of the JP2000 Fujiiryoki massage chair over the JP1000

The first aspect that makes the two models different is the price, which is determined by a number of additional details. JP2000 is the latest model of the Japanese brand, refined down to the smallest detail, introducing numerous innovations.

  • dual AI scanning, which ensures a perfect fit of the massage to the spine. JP2000 detects the position of the spine, its shape and tension, and then perfectly adjusts the intensity of the massage. This mechanism is even more sophisticated and more advanced than the W-sensor that was used in the previous design – Fujiiryoki JP1000.
  • 5D AI – massage involving artificial intelligence – it is the first application of such an advanced solution available in the massage chair, which we have already covered in one of our blog articles. Artificial intelligence imitates human hand movements perfectly and extremely precisely, allowing JP2000 to adjust the direction of action (in 3 planes), smoothness of movement and intensity of massaging arms’ operation in real time, taking into account the subsiding muscle tension.
  • JP2000 offers 23 automatic programs and 45 manual programs. Although there are only a few more than in JP1000, these are unique programs, such as the automatic program that perfectly prepares you for sleep or programs that specifically care about maintaining a proper posture.
  • foot massage supplemented with massage rollers – a uniquely shaped foot roller massager which, together with the airbag system, massages your feet thoroughly, providing them with relief and relaxation. In JP1000 foot massage can only be enjoyed using only the airbags.
  • double heating, which makes it possible to warm up the waist area or, a complete novelty in massage chairs, direct pleasant heat to the abdomen.
  • sound notifications – this is yet another innovation. Even though it is not as significant a function as the ones mentioned above and has no direct impact on the massage, the instructions given in the form of voice announcements can be quite helpful.

Advantage of the JP1000 over JP2000

JP1000 came before JP2000, so the price can be considered as advantage, that’s for sure :-) For those who want a professional, top quality massage, combining more than 60 massage programs, a precise scanning system and a fully relaxing deep muscle massage, JP1000 is the ideal solution.  
Note that this article will be particularly useful during the production period of these two massage chairs, but it is important to know that Fujiiryoki does not envisage continuing the production of the JP1000 series, so those interested should make a purchase as soon as possible.

Both chairs come in three colour versions, which do not differ much from each other, but this is already a matter of individual preferences and possibly the interior design.

We hope this article will be helpful when comparing Fujiiryoki massage chairs and making a decision about the ideal model. For a detailed description of the features of a particular model, see the product page of Fujiiryoki JP2000 or Fujiiryoki JP1000. And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this product.

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Published: 2020.07.31

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